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excellent, high quality IEM's

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Sony MDR EX1000

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Pros: tight bass and very detailed, excellent midrange clarity, highs clear and crystalline in presentation. excellent quality build.

Cons: that crystalline high presentation can be a little tiresome at higher volumes. getting great fit takes time.

have had these aswell as other high end IEM's and these are truely excellent however not my personal fav's.


these IEM's produce a wonderful full airy sound, among the clearest sound i have heard there is no such thing as veil with these the presentation is top quality and they were clearly designed to sound ''high definition'' to the average consumer, what does stick out tho is the sharp high presentation with anything but the highest quality recordings and at higher volume is van take away a little from the sound.


bass is excellent and you can tell immediately the driver is tight and strong designed to give a tighter sound and nothing about the sound is flabby at all. when driven by a good quality strong source these phones shine down low, its very strong with no noticeable distortion at any volume clearly anchoring that tight presentation down.


the midrange again is excellent with very very airy presentation, very spacious and with very little ''noise'', its a black, clean and clear midrange that due to the swaying towards a sharp presentation comes through very well, had these been more bass orientated the clarity of mids may have suffered.


overall i cant give these anything less than 5 stars because they are simply an excellent set of headphones, durable, sound quality that makes you proud of the achievement sony has made here. as i said at the beginning of the review these are not my fav universals, i prefer shures se 535, just a tad nicer sound to me.


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