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Sony MDR-EX1000: A Dynamic Masterpiece

A Review On: Sony MDR EX1000

Sony MDR EX1000

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Pros: Comfortable design, fantastic build quality, beautiful and emotive sound

Cons: No Isolation and wind noise issues restrict portable use, rawness and grain to the treble

Along with the summary below, I have a review thread comparing the Sony EX1000, 7550, XBA-4 and XBA-40 here:



I also have a comparison review on youtube of the EX1000 vs the 7550. If you like the video check out my channel for more reviews :)



Note: In the review I state that the EX1000 is made in Thailand, this is incorrect. It is made in Japan.






The EX1000's have incredible build quality and feel like jewellery in your hand thanks to the premium magnesium alloy bodies. The unusual ear hanger design is very comfortable but offers very little environmental isolation and cause a great deal of wind noise, making these somewhat awkwardly positioned as a portable earphone with restricted portable applications.




The EX1000 has a beautiful, emotive and slightly dry sound with deeply extended bass and articulate mids. They also have a tremendously wide sound-stage thanks to the unusual design and low isolation. They have peaks in the treble which make female vocals sound magical, but on modern studio recordings they can sound harsh and grainy at times. They do best with classical or mellow acoustic music in my experience.




The EX1000 is unmistakably a flagship earphone for Sony, but has a number of quirks. If you are looking for a flagship dynamic driver this is definitely one of the best options, though personally I prefer the 7550 for a wider variety of music.


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