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One of the best dynamic in ears

A Review On: Sony MDR EX1000

Sony MDR EX1000

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Pros: Deep impactful bass, Soundstage

Cons: Bright treble


Got my EXK couple of days back fresh from Japan :) Late to the party but what the heck~ Wanted a pair of dynamic IEMs to complement my TF10s while waiting for K3003 to cool off a little on the price hehe.. (would definitely help if they came out with a version with removable cables too!)


Out of the box virgin listen was kinda disappointing. Sibilance is really pretty bad... not just on female vocals but also on some male vocals as well. Crossed my fingers and started burning em in on white noise over 30 hours with volume set to 2 notches above my usual listening volume.


Happy to say that miraculously I haven't been detecting much sibilance hence. Some peaks still exist, but hardly as bad as that first listen. Enjoying the bass difference in dynamics... almost as deep and tight as headphones like my Ed 8, definitely alot more natural sounding drums than BA phones.


Ergonomics wise.. the included eartips didn't work out for my oily ears... kept popping out. So I got myself some Comply TX-200s (T-400 from my TF10 works too) with ear wax guards, to prevent any ear wax from clogging up the filter that the EXK strangely has exposed. Might have helped damp the treble spikes a tad too. After having survived with the TF10 for so long, I'm kinda of an expert in stuffing in strange objects in my ear, so the EXKs were easy to go in. Tilting the earphones to the front some helps relieve the pain that it causes when upright too. Personally I don't find isolation an issue once the music's playing... can't understand why it's such an issue on so many forums >..<


My EXK came with the RK-EX1000 cables... with hollow tubings that don't inspire too much confidence. I wouldn't want to try stretching the cables by accident... Otherwise they seem to do the job well, and do not get tangled up unlike my TF10's Null Audio Lune cables.


Hope to see even more improvements with the Fostex HP-P1!




With about 150hrs clocked on it, I'm finding myself nodding my head and tapping my feet everytime I put these on with the HP-P1 :) Still some slight sibilance, but not overbearing and does not spoil the musicality. Thankfully there isn't any issues with Jamie Cullum, Diana Krall or Norah Jones! I've replaced my Ultrasone Ed8 with these babies for my portable setup~


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