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A Review On: Sony MDR EX1000

Sony MDR EX1000

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Pros: Very forward and liquid mids, wonderful quality and quantity of treble(special, one of the best detailed and airy iem(special), solid bass, good build

Cons: slightly lack of low mids and mid-bass, bass could be more detailed&faster, uncomfortable to wear,cacophonous for some,too emphasis on high-mids



How can you want better bass?! The bass on these is fast detailed and well extended into the sub bass regions! Also the mids are airy but not so much forward and more neutral. All your opinion though of course!
:D Hi Swimsonny, i am very joyful to see your comment.
About the bass on the Ex1ks, i didnt say that it is not good. Yes,the bass on the EX1ks is quite satisfy me somehow, just wish it is tuned for faster and more detailed(I think this partly cause of mid-bass lacking). Besides, i only compared the Ex1ks with my Denon A100s, westone4s and Gr07s, 3 headphones really have a wonderful bass and i feel this region on a SONY flagship iem deserves something a little better.
p/s: or did i use the Ex1ks with wrong music genres?=.= i almost listened Jpop, rock and R&B with the Ex1ks. But i belive that the bass on the Ex1000 has no flaws and most suitable to Jazz.
Sorry about my bad English:(
Comparing the EX1000 against the A1000 is comparing apples to oranges. Not a fair comparison, as far as I'm concerned, though some may disagree. Where strictly IEM's are concerned, the EX1000 has one of the most proficient lower ends. In fact, much of it owes to the lack of a midbass hump, as a midbass hump, more often than not, compromises the lower mids. I'm sure glad the EX1000 is free from said hump, by even the slightest. If it's a faster, more detailed low end you're after, however, you may be more inclined towards BA's. The PFE232 is a great example.
P.S. Your English is fine. (:
@ Night Crawler: Thank you for your comment and the last language praise=)
Seems it is quite silly when compare the Denons bass to the studio/audiophile headphones bass but it is just my expansion addition. i just want to say: the bass on the Ex1ks is good, but not their outstanding power such as their mids and treble. especially while it is compared to the W4s(full(mid+low synthetic), speedy bass) and Gr07s(deep and solid bass):D
p/s:pfe 232s are so expensive, but i think they will be similar to triple or quad amature driver iems, right?
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