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Sony MDR EX1000 Reviews


Sony MDR EX1000


Pros: Clarity and sub bass extension with excellent mids and the largest stage I have heard in an IEM

Cons: Tip rolling is a necessity and the non Japanese versions are definitely packed differently and maybe more


An IEM of its own class and niche


Pros: Soundstage, imaging, high resolution, details, clarity, treble, extended bass, natural sounding

Cons: Unforgiving, DAC/Amp picky, very fatiguing, poor isolation, poor fit, uncomfortable, unconventional/unpractical, low-value

The Sony MDR-EX1000 is truly a legendary IEM but in a world of its own. Not even the latest XBA, or XBA hybrid Z series could rival its intimidating large single-dynamic driver setup. (my EX1000 in its current state, after 4 long years of service, I've finally decided to sell it off to someone who would appreciate them more)   After having used it for almost 4 years, I would like to give the Head-Fi community and anyone reading this a well thought out, simple, relatively short yet heartfelt review, based purely on experience.   I purchased these on my 17th birthday, with my saved up allowance from Amazon. It was an upgrade from MDR-EX082. Back then I wasn't a seasoned...
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Exceptional IEM


Pros: Fast Bass, Nice Mids, A Lot Of Accessories, Build Quality, Detachable Cable

Cons: Isolation, Bright Treble

First of all, I’d like to thank Mach3 (Peter) for generously lending me his Sony EX1000s. I am not affiliated nor against Sony in any way.   Introduction Sony needs no introduction to the audio world and I’m sure that a lot of you would have heard Sony EX1000 as Sony’s previous flagship IEM. The Sony EX IEM line has been replaced with the newer XBA line, which many, including me believe is inferior to the EX line. The new Sony flagship, the XBA-4 has a dark sound signature while the EX1000 has a bright sound. This is now discontinued I believe, but they can still be bought. Sorry for the bad photo quality   Testing Gear & Accessories All testing was made...
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REVIEW: Amused to death with the Sony MDR EX-1000 IEM


Pros: Sound Quality, construction

Cons: May be too vivid for some

When it comes to portable audio, it just doesn't get much more portable than an IEM and a Ipod/Zune/Sansa etc. Even tethered to one of the small battery-powered headphone amps, we are talking about something that fits in a coat pocket. And if, like me, you commute 2 - 3 hours a day, anything that amuses during this "dead time" is a good thing.   Recent years have seen an explosion of new IEM's upping the ante in sound quality (and price). So I bought a representitive sampling of units to see just what level of quality is attainable. The first round was between Westone 3, ER-4P and a Shure unit (whose number I forget). The Shure won this battle, but I wasn't really thrilled...
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A classic IEM that stands the test of time


Pros: Bass Slam, Dynamics, Sound stage and imaging, Resolution, Clarity, Comfort

Cons: Isolation, Source dependent, Treble peakiness

It's been nearly six years since the EX1000s were first launched, at that time, with a launch price of $999, they attracted much uproar over the rising price of audio gear, how times have changed since then...   In short, how have they held up? Very, very well.   The first thing one notices about the EX1000 is the rather awkward shell shape, which protrudes out of the ear by a large margin, while weird at first, it actually makes for a very comfortable wearing experience, especially for those who have small ears that may find the normal blend of multi-ba shells too big for their ears. Unfortunately, isolation is sacrificed as a result, so for those looking for Ety-level...
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excellent, high quality IEM's


Pros: tight bass and very detailed, excellent midrange clarity, highs clear and crystalline in presentation. excellent quality build.

Cons: that crystalline high presentation can be a little tiresome at higher volumes. getting great fit takes time.

have had these aswell as other high end IEM's and these are truely excellent however not my personal fav's.   these IEM's produce a wonderful full airy sound, among the clearest sound i have heard there is no such thing as veil with these the presentation is top quality and they were clearly designed to sound ''high definition'' to the average consumer, what does stick out tho is the sharp high presentation with anything but the highest quality recordings and at higher volume is van take away a little from the sound.   bass is excellent and you can tell immediately the driver is tight and strong designed to give a tighter sound and nothing about the sound is flabby at all....
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Sony MDR-EX1000: A Dynamic Masterpiece


Pros: Comfortable design, fantastic build quality, beautiful and emotive sound

Cons: No Isolation and wind noise issues restrict portable use, rawness and grain to the treble

Along with the summary below, I have a review thread comparing the Sony EX1000, 7550, XBA-4 and XBA-40 here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/608553/review-comparison-two-flagships-pass-in-the-night-sony-xba-4-review-vs-the-mdr-ex1000-updated-with-7550-and-xba-40   I also have a comparison review on youtube of the EX1000 vs the 7550. If you like the video check out my channel for more reviews :)     Note: In the review I state that the EX1000 is made in Thailand, this is incorrect. It is made in Japan.   Summary   BUILD   The EX1000's have incredible build quality and feel like jewellery in your hand thanks to the premium magnesium alloy...
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Sony MDR-EX1000 Quick Review


Pros: Super open sounding, Beautifully relaxed, Sony “house sound” nostalgia.

Cons: Its rather expensive, highs have a jumpy spike in them, isolate meh.

Sony MDR-EX1000 Quick Review   (Thread here, http://www.head-fi.org/t/656811/sony-mdr-ex100-quick-review )   Thanks to SwimSonny for the loan.       Brief:  Sony shows what it can do when its wants to.   Price: Circa £400   Specification:  Driver Unit 16mm, Dome type (CCAW adopted), Sensitivity 108dB/mW, Power Handling Capacity 200mW, Impedance 32ohms at 1kHz, Frequency Response 3-30,000Hz, Magnet Neodymium, Cord 7N-OFC litz cord adopted Y-type / Detachable Cord Length 1.2m / 0.6m, Plug L-shaped stereo mini plug (Gold) (1.2m cord) / Stereo mini plug (Gold) (0.6m cord), Weight (Without Cord)  ...
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One of the best dynamic in ears


Pros: Deep impactful bass, Soundstage

Cons: Bright treble

  Got my EXK couple of days back fresh from Japan :) Late to the party but what the heck~ Wanted a pair of dynamic IEMs to complement my TF10s while waiting for K3003 to cool off a little on the price hehe.. (would definitely help if they came out with a version with removable cables too!)   Out of the box virgin listen was kinda disappointing. Sibilance is really pretty bad... not just on female vocals but also on some male vocals as well. Crossed my fingers and started burning em in on white noise over 30 hours with volume set to 2 notches above my usual listening volume.   Happy to say that miraculously I haven't been detecting much sibilance hence. Some...
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