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Sony MDR-7520 Professional Headphones Reviews


Great Sounding Phone


Pros: Bass, Detail, Smooth, revealing

Cons: Detail, can sound a bit conjested at times, finicky fit.

A bit about me. I am an average guy that loves music. I listen to a wide variety of music but of late listen to alternative, rock, hip hop, rap, dance and jazz. I generally am not a fan of country music but some songs reach out to me. I got turned on to hifi at a young age as my dad had a decent setup and then my brothers as well. Have heard, B&W, Mission, Dynaudio, NHT, Bose, Mordant Short, KEF and a few other speakers in various setups, but nothing outrageous, like $20,000 setups. So I think I can appreciate good music. I was a musician, (haven't practiced in years) learning the piano.   I have realized that this is a journey for me. Where I live, I cant try before I buy,...
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MDR-7520 - The Dark Knight


Pros: Detailed, dense sound field yet with excellent clarity and separation. Accented articulate bass and sub-bass range that doesn’t bleed into mids

Cons: Sounds a bit closed in and rolled off on the high-end. Creaky. Shallow pads may cause discomfort especially for big eared head-fiers.

My initial impressions of this headphone were good, but it has taken a week for me of careful listening to really appreciate their qualities and purpose. Ultimately, I love these headphones and their sound signature. The 7520 doesn’t sound like ‘consumer’ cans. This isn’t the smoothest ride and can be a bit taxing. The headphones are designed as tools for studio first and foremost.  I think they been a bit misunderstood because of their tuning.   The main characteristics of the MDR-7520 are a detailed, dense sound field yet with excellent clarity and separation. It has a fairly accented tight bass and sub-bass range that doesn’t bleed into the mids. It sounds a bit closed in...
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Very clear and highly detailed neutralish headphones


Pros: Clarity, clarity, clarity! Detail, neutrality, revealing, maybe even transparent? Very comfortable.

Cons: You will definitely hear the flaws in bad recordings

So, I've finally found MY headphones :) I tried the Sennheiser Momentum, the KEF M500, B&W P7, Sony MDR 1R, Philips Fidelio L2 (yes, the L2), the B&O H6, the Focal Spirit Classic (you read that right too) and the Sony MDR Z1000.   I was in search of a good sounding, but most of all comfortable closed headphone. All the headphones I've tried above sounded quite good, but none of them were comfortable enough for me (except for the Z1000, which is the 7520's less refined brother) so I ended up returning all of them.   So what was the first thing I noticed when I listened to the 7520? The amazing clarity. I'm not exaggerating when I say that all the above...
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Beautiful Sound


Pros: Solid build, Clarity, Punchy bass, Smooth, Comfy

Cons: Only coiled cable is supplied, Sensitivity can be low for some phones

Well after lots and lots of reading I finally decided to buy these as my primary headphones. I was so excited I didn't even wait until I got home to un-box them. First thing you will notice is the magnesium alloy body which is a joy to touch and feel. put them on your ears and play Beethoven you get that chills. you can hear and define the instruments its that detailed. Vocals are clean and clear. bass is okey wouldn't drive a bass head but really good. I tried it with my Laptop no complains there. And my Walkman A846 drives them ease. But I get fairly low sounds on my LG N5. I got lucky and got a chance to buy them at $270 from a shop in Dubai. Would recommend it to a friend 100%  

Very nice for the price


Pros: build, sound, cost

Cons: coiled cable, FR i'm not entirely used to yet

Comparing these to my Philips L1 and my Beyer T1 they have a lot more mid-bass through midrange and are slightly tilted toward the high.  They sound great but quite a bit different sound signature which I need to get used to.  My other headphones are T5p which I have yet to compare them to and Ety ER-4s.  In general all my previous phones have a less aggressive sound to them. Less mid-bass in your face.  Very very efficient, almost double the volume as the L1 and over triple the volume of the T1.  It puts a lot of music and detail across the entire spectrum in your head not light on any frequency and not missing any detail.  As I said it can be a little...
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Pros: Clarity, Accuracy, Sexy Drivers!, Bass

Cons: low impedance might be a problem with some amps

These just rocked up. Amazing clarity and accuracy to their sound, everything sounds ridiculously balanced and the instrument separation is awesome.  Haven't spent enough time with them yet to write a detailed review but so far all I can say is WOW. Build quality is great, all magnesium frame feels strong.  The only problem I can think of with these is that they're low impedance and very sensitive, so damping with some high-impedance amps might be a problem  
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