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A Review On: Sony MDR-1R

Sony MDR-1R

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Pros: Small and light. Good looking in both versions. Laid back signature with good midbass and forward mids.

Cons: Cable controlls is not the best, also the plastic would be better in metal.

I have always known that sony had some good headphones for studios.
But as for the lower models I have heard before, they has not been much above some cheap Koss Porta Pro in the sound.
So yeah I always stayed away from the Sony brand, until recently when I heard some z1000. I did like them quite alot for all the detail and the over all look(abit boring but simple).
But they lacked some bass so I did put the thought off buying them, also very expensive in Norway.

Then a picture popped up when surfing the net, some black Sony's. Loved the look on em, as for an over ear headphone Im going to wear in public, I want em to look nice.
Read around and there seemed to be alot of different opinions, but the overall feedback was positive and it did not look like some fotm thread.
People called them warm with pronounced mids, something I never have had before.

So I ordered them to give Sony an opertunity to impress.





And yes they did, package was nice. They did not feel cheap even if they are plastic and lightweigth, and the black and red color scheeme is nice.Will not feel so stupid walking in town with theese compared to some other big headphones.





As for the sound: They are warm sounding for sure when compared to my AKG k550 and beyers. I was expecting more highs, as I had listened to the z1000 before. But it was no big problem as this laid back highs is a good in another way. They are really relaxing, probably because they dont have that extra in the highs. Ive used them now while working at the office and at the library. That is where I think they fit aswell, since they are really relaxing in sound compared to the Beyerdynamic dt880 and dt990. And also not as analyctical at the sound as the akgk550.


The bass goes about as low as the DT880 but more in the midbass, this makes them good for so to say every genre. Classical aswell since the bass aint overpowering, and it does not bleed into the mids.


As for an studio work or something that require the neutral picture theese are not the one you should get. But theese has been made for the people, trying to aim for what people want in the music. Laid back highs, good bass and mids. This makes you enjoy the music without getting fatigued by the highs.


Comfort for me is a hard one, as my ears look normal but as im almost 2m and got a quite above average body size my head is also bigger than a average human 170cm. They fit well and my head could have been even better, but the problem is that my right ear is touching the plastic covering the driver. It makes me itch and I need to take it off after an hour for 2-5mins. No big problem as it can be fixed by pushing in some cloth rolls under the pleather to makes them not go so far in.


Summary: I think the headphones are a bargain at the price range, for me they costed 200$ less than Sennheiser momentum and AKG K550(prices in Norway is horrible). The got looks and are solid build and very portable. Engaging, fun and relaxing sound. Perfect for studys or the office.


Some more pics










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