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Nice cans for relaxing with or listening to at work.

A Review On: Sony MDR-1R

Sony MDR-1R

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Pros: Enjoyable, easy going, comfortable

Cons: Build is a bit plasticy

I've listened to these for ~30 hours now, and despite them being a little warmer than I expected I've come to really appreciate their easy going sound signature. The mid-bass is a little pronounced, but it's enjoyable rather than overwhelming - I certainly wouldn't describe them as a bass-head 'phone.


Despite the warm sound signature, there's still a very good level of detail that adds to the enjoyment of well recorded music. When listening to recordings that are a little rougher around the edges, the MDR1r still conveys the musicality and enjoyment, rather than throwing all the flaws in your face. Whilst I wouldn't recommend it for listeners who place accuracy above everything else, at no point does it ever seem that any detail is missing from a recording; They really are to be enjoyed.


The MDR1r is a very comfortable and stylish looking piece of kit. Only on very close inspection does it become apparent that the build is in line with its price - there is evidence of plastic beneath the initial metallic shiny impression that it gives off, but to be fair this is perfectly reasonable at the price, and it is solidly built. I paid $268 for these including the cost of shipping from Hong Kong to the UK.


Overall, I'd strongly recommend giving these headphones an audition to see if they're right for you. They're a very capable all rounder that's perfect for long enjoyable listening sessions.

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Pros: Enjoyable, easy going, comfortable................................rofl :))
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