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Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth Headphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


A nice sounding set of cans when wired that also happens to sound very good wireless


Pros: Wired sound is competitive with others in the same price range. Great midrange. Convenience. Portable

Cons: Flabby bass, The built in dac/amp could be clearer. Need aptX transmitter to get the best sound over BT

I'm well aware of what head-fi thinks of wireless audio technology but what do we have to lose from a ~200 USD phone that is wired(and sounds good wired) and also happens to be wireless?  Be not afraid.   You get the option of great sound when you want it and also convenience when you want to be wire free.  Aint nothin bad about that.   Disclaimer:  I typically don't dabble in closed phones because there has never really been a need for it.  I've owned my pairs of closed phones but mostly in the mid-price range, right around the range of the MDR-10RBT.  This is a price range that I am the most familiar with when it comes to closed phones.  This...
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Negative Reviews


Decent mids, sibilance in the treble, poor bass.


Pros: Good mids, long battery life, and they are comfortable.

Cons: Lacking bass, poor response, sibilance in the treble.

If you are looking for a portable bluetooth headphone willing to compromise some sound quality for it then look no further, they are not too pricy, but i really expect more for sony in terms of sound quality. If you are serious about audio you probably won't like them. But audio is a subjective topic, so you might strongly disagree and end up loving them, that's just my opinion.

More Reviews


Decent BT Headphones which can make some people happy.


Pros: Comfort, decent sound

Cons: dullness, strange soundstage

They look, I must say, not premium as the Internet images made me expect. Specially the "silver" plastic is rather cheap looking. Anyway, they are not top of the line, so, it is ok. I personally consider them a bit too big to go around, but the trend in this moment is that. On my normal sized head they do not fit tightly enough, and according to how you move your head they leak sound and you lose basses. You can see the difference if you press them a bit against your head. The sound is ok, not bad, not excellent. There is a decent detail, a good Soundstage, which is anyway somehow placed a bit behind the head, which I found a bit disturbing as the sound is supposed to come mostly from...
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