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Sony D 555 Discman

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Pros: the best line out

Cons: not really portable

People call this King of the Sony Discman.  Ebay used to have super high price on this item.  

I own one before and the line out is super.  Phone out is not that powerful but very good for female vocal.

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I've owned this unit, the infamous Optimus CD-3400 (1994 "audiophile" portable CDP from Radio Shack; it has a SPDIF out), several late-model Philips and Panasonic discman. I also got Philips small "CD/DVD-man" PET724 (that has a SPDIF out, too, and sounds way better than the D555).
All I can say is ... I'm glad to be rid of those cumbersome units.
If you want WAY, WAY better sound portably, get a QLS-QA350 (that has SPDIF), or Teclast T51/S:Flo2. So much more convenient, if you EAC-rip your CDs, as you can throw so man albums onto a single (tiny) SD memory card.
The Philips PET724 could play 24/96 DVDs, it still does not sound anywhere close to the DAPs I noted above. The HiFiman 801 can do high-rez up to 24/96 I think. The Fiio X3 is due out shortly ... that should do 24/192
Those old Discman are inconvenient and unreliable (esp. with age). Think forward, folks!