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Sonic Studio Amarra MINI

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #165 in Computer Audio


Pros: Smooth, polished sound

Cons: Price

Great app for improving sound from iTunes on mac computers, makes your speakers or headphones really sing, smooth and very clean sound! It could be a little cheaper though!

Sonic Studio Amarra MINI

Computer Music Player software for Mac OS: • Enhanced playback fidelity up to 192 kHz • Supports FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF (& MP3/AAC) • Play CDs through Amarra MINI without ripping • Cache Mode lets your Mac snooze while MINI plays back files & discs from memory • Minimal group delay Sonic EQ with Save & Recall • Dithered digital volume control • Advanced iZotope 64-bit Sample Rate Conversion • Volume control via Apple Remote or rowmote • AutoSwitches your DAC’s sample rate so, no resampling to mess with your bits • Bypass function lets you easily compare w/iTunes • Easy, low cost upgrade to Amarra

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