Entrance to true head-fi; some mods required

A Review On: Somic HD MH463 Open-air Dynamic Pro Headphones (Black)

Somic HD MH463 Open-air Dynamic Pro Headphones (Black)

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Joe Bloggs
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Pros: Awesome sound; top-class subbass with aftermarket pads that seal the ear

Cons: Bad stock pads; clamping force too high for large heads

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Additional notes:

1. Stock sound is neutral with elevated bass but very natural mids and treble and great soundstage.

2. Changing to leather Hifiman pads and taping over the 4 vents around each driver enclosure increases subbass to awesome levels; however midbass to low mids also elevated causing boomy sound

3. The following EQ can be applied to the cans modded in (2) to approach a very natural, neutral sound with very powerful subbass:



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