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A Review On: SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (Blue)

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (Blue)

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Pros: A bit more clearer on the vocals and not as bass heavy. Band is almost unbreakable, components are exchangeable

Cons: Titanium can be easily scratched. Wires feel softer, not sure if I consider it a con, though

These cans are an upgrade for the Tracks HD I had in white. Even though I loved the white and matched my white HTC Sensation, I couldn't keep from trying the new Ultras with the V12 sound engine. I rank my small collection with my V Moda Crossfade LPs as my current go to headphones, but I have to admit the Ultra's are now a high #2 IMO. The reasons being that the total package of the Crossfade LPs appeal to me more than the Ultras did. 


The Ultras are a pleasure to put on. I had them on for the first time for about two hours and I felt no fatigue. Especially because I do wear glasses and most over the ears I have used had some sort of discomfort when using them for a long sitting. The color is kinda like a tron like look, not bad, just different, which I like.  However, there are no other colors offered other than the blue and white you see. You can't even customize them yet. The way the sound engines and cords that come apart are one of my fav reasons why I like these guys, besides the clearness of music IMO. 


What I basically do not like is that the color can now easily scratch off the etching of the logo. Kind of annoying but it's just cosmetic. The other thing is that the case is not as durable as my V Moda exoskeleton case, but again, that's personal preference. 


Bottom line, would I recommend them? Only if  you like SOL Republic line. If you have the Tracks HD already, I do not feel you need to upgrade to these. Not saying they are bad, but not worth the upgrade if you are tight on funds. Spend the money buying more music. :)

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This isn't a review as there's nothing about the sound quality just aesthetics and ergonomics. What do the cans sound like?!?