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SOL Republic Tracks

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #53 in On-Ear


Pros: good sub-bass you can feel, very crisp and clear. Interchangable parts, good build and very fashionable.

Cons: Sol republic cables can break easily and are near 20$ to replace.

These are a great entry/mid level pair of headphones. I would recommend them. They have a cool style while still providing great sub-bass, and it does well with treble overall. Much better than any mainstream monster headphones. *cough* beats*cough*  - They're cheap too, you don't overpay for sound quality. You can find them for 60$ on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/SOL-REPUBLIC-1211-01-Interchangeable-Headphones/dp/B005LW1AT2/


Pros: Strong, solid bass impact. Excellent Build Quality.

Cons: Mediocre treble. Extremely muddy mids.

I was impressed with the build quality. The headbands would never break, and the earpieces (aka "Sound Engines") are made of metal. I'll be comparing this headphone to the Grado sr80i and the Audio Techinca ATH M50, which both cost a little more than the Tracks. I used Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) AAC (256 kbps) as a testing song as this song is poorly mastered in such a way that any form of boominess or bass leakage would be detected quickly.


Overall, I was very impressed with the bass on the tracks. It has a very strong, punchy bass, free of any sort of bass leak (which the ATH M50 suffered) or boominess. This is done without sacrificing the quantity of the bass (where the Grado sr80i suffered).


However, the mids and highs is where the Grado sr80i and the Audio Technica M50 would rip the Tracks into pieces. The highs are not as precise as the Grado sr80i and the ATH M50 despite the siblance (ATH M50) or shoutiness (Grado sr80i). The mids are absolutely ABYSMAL. It is very muddy and poorly defined. The melodic line of Summertime Sadness Remix is poorly defined after the drop of the song. Same goes with the bassline. To add salt to injury, the Koss Portapros (a headphone that cost half as much as the Tracks) has better mids than the Tracks. Overall, the Tracks sounded like a bass modded Grado sr80i underwater! Because of this horrendous flaw, I cannot recommend this headphone other than anyone who wants a Beats Solo on the cheap. 


Only get them if there is at least a 40% discount.


Pros: VERY GOOD Sound

Cons: Not Quite there yet

For $ 129 these are very very good. Kind of like a more sophisticated Dr Dre headset....No - they are not SN 225 is, but for the trendy style conscious set, they are great. If you tried these, you would be very surprised....The muddy sound of the Dr Dr es - immediately turns one off. However, these are nearly as deep,m yet a lot clearer. Considering price, style, size, and audio quality - you will not be disappointed.....This is my strong op pinion - Soon, they will come out with a true audiophile high quality headset, -----that will truly blow everything else out of the watter. This company has a bright future ahead of it.......Watch out traditional entrenched manufacturers - these guys are picking up speed very fast, when they do catch up to you, they will simply blow past you so fast, you wind up on your ear in the weeds...Wait and see !!!!


Pros: Clean, boomy, ear vibrating bass.

Cons: Mids and highs suffer.

Quick thanks to SOL Republic for this review sample.


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Well organized and detailed information on the package, the box also has a clear plastic window to preview the product inside the package so you know what you're buying.


With the headphones you'll receive two informational papers, stickers, user manual, a small paper listing their website, Twitter, Facebook, and contact number, and last but not least; the headphones themselves.

If you want to read what's written on the papers, here's links to the pictures I took of them.




Build Quality:

The headphones feature a very simple design that makes the headphones fairly modular as the speakers come off the headband, the earpads clip onto the speaker piece(similar to some of Sennheiser products), and the cable is detachable as well. The cable uses two 1/8" plugs to plug into the right and left speaker of the headphone and a standard 3.5mm jack to plug into your DAP. The earpads and headphone pad is made out of pleather.


The headband is made from what SOL Republic calls "FlexTech" which is what makes the headband virtually indestructible(I have already bent the headband ridiculously to test this, the headband didn't even break or show any signs of stress and maintained it's shape.)


Worth noting that the build in microphone and volume control only works with certain devices that aren't i-Products. The compatibility list can be found on the SOL republic website here: http://www.solrepublic.com/culture/news/headphone-compatibility


Sound Quality;

Worth noting: These headphones don't have much instrumental separation.



These headphones have a very accurate and boomy bass, sub-bass shines, you'll feel the vibrations on your ears from any bass heavy song or genre such as Dubstep. The bass doesn't get muddy or distorted even at higher volumes which is a plus.


The standard Tracks are bass oriented which is their strong point in the sound signature of the v8 sound engine that these cans have.



The midrange is fairly flat and sounds congested, not a whole lot of dynamics.



The highs sound rolled off and shallow. The highs are present, just not airy.



Soundstage is some what there, the sound imaging is pretty much non-existent. Music just sounds like it's being pushing into your head, when you hear music through these headphones it doesn't sound like it's surrounding you.



SOL Republic did a great job with designing the Tracks headphones, they're incredibly comfortable to wear over a long period of time due to the softness the earpads and headphone pad have.


The sound quality will appeal more to the DJ crowd as most of all DJ headphones these days seem to be very bass oriented. With the unique aesthetics of these headphones it seems to appeal more to an adult crowd that isn't as educated about high-fidelity and headphones but still want something stylish and decent sounding.


The Beat's line by Monster Cable has a social status effect upon the younger generation(kids, young teens, and young adults), I don't see that at all with these headphones as they aren't endorsed by celebrities. At the price of MSRP of $99.99 there are many other significantly better headphones you could pick out that would sound incredibly better compared to the Tracks headphones though I would recommend these to a bass head.


I believe the v10 sound engine in the Tracks HD solve the problems of the flat Mids and Highs the standard Tracks have, so the Tracks HD should be worth trying out if a retail store near you has them on their demo display. These headphones honestly don't sound as bad as the Beat's Solo's and Studio's so don't be turned away to try them.


For those of you who want to buy these, for $99.99 you can buy these at an Apple Store or Best Buy.


Notes: SOL = Soundtrack of Life


I would go over the functionality of the built in volume control and the quality of the microphone but it didn't work on my Microsoft Kin.

SOL Republic Tracks

Tracks are the first interchangeable on-ear headphones featuring V8 Sound Engine™ speakers, switchable cables and “Sound Track” headbands. SOL REPUBLIC engineers developed a proprietary new polymer called FlexTech,™ which makes them virtually indestructible. For total comfort, the team designed the Tracks ear cushions to be large and lightweight. The optimal balance of size, style, sound and comfort Tracks have extreme comfort because the ear cushion is large and lightweight so there is reduced pressure on the ear Tracks are available in black, white and red. Engineered to be superior in sound, powered by the SOL REPUBLIC Sound Engine that is a private, personal speaker system Nearly indestructible, as every Sound Track band is made of FlexTech™, our advanced polymer compound Equipped with 3-button remote and microphone

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