Review is for SMS-DJ-BLK....NOT "WD"

A Review On: SMS-WD-BLK - STREET by 50 Professionally Tuned Over Ear Headphones - Black

SMS-WD-BLK - STREET by 50 Professionally Tuned Over Ear Headphones - Black

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Pros: Isolation, Sound quality

Cons: Not the best at anything...xcept isolating :(






I could not find these on Head-Fi to be's poetic since these are just forgotten in so many ways.

The isolation is the best I have ever heard whether the cans cost $50 or $5000. Genuine soft leather and memory foam make for a "look both ways twice" kinda isolation. 


The sound is very very similar to the M100 with a slightly bigger bass impact. However once you start amping you too quickly remember these are 40mm drivers. well tuned. Very very well tuned. They mighta helped Beats along with their own re-tuning since these actually sound very fun.


You get a great case, 1 coiled and 1 smartphone cable. The cable is quite sturdy and thick. Better than any other stock cable I have come across. Very nice.


These are plastic though. They are the DJ version with swivel cups but I wouldn't wanna test that out too much.


The Bass hit is very similar to the Beats Pro (Monster/Dre version) It really does hit hard but it will not amp much beyond. 

It hits harder than Beats Pro overall but less than Ultrasone Pro 900 . It's sound is funner than both. The Beats pro has a malformed mid and the Ultrasone have highs in need of down eq on high volume. These cans raise the stage very well.


They play Hip Hop/Reggae/R&B very well and can articulate guitar on Rock and roll tracks quite nicely.


The problem is ..I'm a basshead. These are basshead cans for folks without an amp. Running this off an ipod/any player is what it's designed foor. The headroom for bass step up is limited. For 85% of folks that will never be an issue but for the other 15% or less it would be.


These are the most comfortable headphones I own. Genuine soft leather. Other so called "audiophile" cans should take note. It should be standard for "A" class headphones.















I will add more later as I gotta go!!


PC Mag's Review


The earpads are really "genuine leather"? From the pictures alone, those are definitely pleather earpads and not real leather. Trust me, if you've ever seen the earpads on, say, the new Beats Studio, they look more than similar.
Oh yeah, you might need some work with the pics of the jacks. They're downright #blurry.
As for the review, I don't exactly see why you're rating these 3 stars because from the review, it sounds like you like these more than the rating says. But in retrospect, these are expensive, a tad heavy, and still gen-com cans despite being marketed as a "DJ" headphone.
"The earpieces are cushioned with ½-inch thick memory foam pads and sheathed in smooth leather. "
They are leather.
The jack pics suk...sorry