A Review On: Skullcandy Uprock On-Ear Headphone S5URCZ-033 (Black/Black)

Skullcandy Uprock On-Ear Headphone S5URCZ-033 (Black/Black)

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Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Not Audiophile Grade, Feels like a Toy

I wanted nice headphones to use my iPod. I got them one day while walking around the mall with my girlfriend. The list price on this is $30, so I thought I was getting a deal by paying $13. They're not bad. They're just marketed at teenagers. The sound is bland, but it will get you through a day. I wouldn't recommend paying $30.00 for this. It's okay if you go on a trip and forget your gear and you decide to purchase a Sansa clip and this to listen to your music for the sake of having entertainment. Try to go somewhere where they are on sale though. Otherwise, just get gummies IEM.

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Yeah, Skullcandy is on the same boat as Beats, and, in some ways, Bose. They are massively overhyped. Though honestly, nothing at the price range you are looking at will be "audiophile grade". Audiophile kind of goes hand in hand with spending obscene amounts of money on gear. Though as far as cheap headphones go-Monoprice 8320 IEMs. They are $8 and rival sound of most headphones I have heard under $50.