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Skullcandy SC-LOW Lowrider Headphone (Red)

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Pros: Good sound, lightweight, folds well, looks nice

Cons: pressure on ears, hurts if used too long, insecure fit, not very durable


 The sound quality is A-OK, and worth what they're usually sold for in most shops. The nice, plastic design is pretty and the surfaces smooth and easy to customise if you prefer to paint them yourself. The quality of sound and the price are usually sound, and they do look very nice.


The main complaints I have about these 'phones though, and the reasons this is not a very favourable review (despite the good sound quality) are the following two:


1. They're not very comfortable. First of all, they don't sit very securely on your head, and second of all they hurt the ears if you have them on for too long - and if you, like me, use headphones most of your waking hours this ends up being a big problem.


2. Not very durable cord, the plug is awkwardly shaped and not very secure. These were discarded prematurely because of the cord, and now sit in a box waiting to be recabled by someone more skilled than myself, to maybe be used as a spare pair for short periods of time. They are NOT suitable for long-time use.

Skullcandy SC-LOW Lowrider Headphone (Red)

The Skullcandy Lowrider Headphone in Red packs a monster 40mm power driver in a super small lowrider chassis. With smooth styling, 90 degree swivel DJ style speakers, and a unique fold-up headband for ultra portability, the Lowrider will roll all over the competition.

Feature6.3mm stereo adaptor included
Height3 inches
Length7 inches
Weight0.49 pounds
Width6 inches
List Price$39.95
Material TypePlastic
Material Type Set ElementPlastic
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleSkullcandy SC-LOW Lowrider Headphone (Red)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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