First set of IEM's I actually liked

A Review On: Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

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Pros: Good sound quality, good looks, nice pouch, decent price

Cons: Somewhat fragile

I got these a few years ago. Eventually, the screen on the inside fell off. 

I never had a problem with the cables.


The earbuds fit fine but they slip out of the ear after a while. I have noticed the slipping issue with every sey of IEM's I've owned. Must be me and my ears. I always have to readjust the IEM's. 


When they are seated in my ear, the fit is fine, and the isolation is pretty good.


I always liked their sound quality. A little extra oomph on the bottom end and everything else had a nice balance to it.


I have 2 sets in 2 different colors but I don't wear IEM's anymore due to the slippage.


If you like IEM's, I'd give these little suckers a try


i dont remember the titan's sound but have the inkd, im guessing they are similar. you may want to try the klipsch x10
I used to use these for working out prior to getting iSports. The sound signature worked well for me in our club's noisy aerobic/weight room. Price was right also...can often get them on sale for $10-15 at TJMaxx / Marshalls.