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For budget, not too shabby

A Review On: Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

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Pros: Decent sound quality, good design, superb isolation (if proper fit is attained)

Cons: Design flaw reduces comfort, cable tangles easily, heavy, not much clarity

I bought these because my Philips O'Neill set had a fatal cable flaw after seeing them several times at my local TJ Maxx. Here's my review of them: 


Design and Comfort


The Titans have a metal housing that is fairly durable, but also heavy. That is the first flaw of the housing: it has a tendency to not stay in the ear terribly well, cutting down on isolation. The second flaw is much, much worse from a comfort perspective: the housing is larger than the rubber tips provided, making it painful after just 30-40 minutes. Because the housing does not stay in the ear well, the edge of the housing, which is fairly sharp, rests on the ear in a very uncomfortable fashion that affects comfort for the long-term. The cable is cylindrical, which is much more tangle-prone than a flat design. Microphonics are present but not unbearable. Unfortunately, because I treated these fairly badly, the cable's connection to the plug is prone to making the sound cut in and out, so treat them well and keep them in the included case. 


Audio Quality


Sound signature is very bass-focused, as all low frequencies are emphasized. They are pronounced, but they don't overshadow the rest of the sound. They do lack clarity and punch, but they are decent for a budget set. The mids are what I always like about Skullcandy in-ears: warm and buttery. In this set, they are less pronounced because of the bass, but they still offer good separation. The clarity is not really there, but that is not what these buds are for. The highs are rolled off, but only at the extremely high frequencies is it incredibly bad. This does mean that they are not harsh, but warm. Overall, the clarity is not present in any frequency range, However, for anybody wanting warmth over clarity, these aren't too bad unless you hate bass. 




In conclusion, the Skullcandy Titans are not terrible for budget earphones, but they pale in comparison to anything over $50, and other sets that sound better can be bought for similar prices. Bassheads, these ones are for those of you on a budget who couldn't care less about clarity.  


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