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A Review On: Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

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Pros: Great sound quality, pretty comfortable, exceptional noise isolation, great design

Cons: Not full noise isolation, can get uncomfortable after long listening sessions

I was always a Skullcandy fan once I bought their Ink'd ear buds for the first time a few years ago. After going through my second pair of Ink'd, I decided to upgrade to the Titans to see how they compare to ear buds I had in the past, and let me say, they sound GREAT for the $40 I paid for them.




Admittedly, I was a little skeptical of purchasing these ear buds since a friend of mine had gone through a few pair of these that would fall apart on their own. However, I took a chance, and bought them regardless. Currently, I am on my second pair since I accidentally washed my first pair, but as far as build quality goes, I have yet to find any problems with how durable they are.




When I first purchased the Skullcandy Ink'd ear buds, I was fairly impressed with how they sounded, so I naturally had high expectations for the sound quality of the Titans. Overall, I am very impressed with their full, sound. If you like the bass to be a little more prominent in your music, these are the ear buds for you. They can get fairly low without ruining the overall tone while also being able to hit the highs that won't cause your ears to bleed. They seem to adapt to any sound quality you throw at them. (Unless you listen to extremely low quality music.)




For a pair of ear buds, these are quite comfortable. I listen to them for at least a total hour each day, and they are probably the most comfortable ear buds I've ever worn. However, over long periods of time, they can get a little uncomfortable. This is why I am looking into purchasing a pair of Skullcandy Aviators or Audio Technica ATH M50s.




In the end, Skullcandy outdid them selves when they produced their Titan ear buds. They are comfortable, sound great, look amazing, and built exceptionally well for a reasonable price. If you are in need for a pair of ear buds, Skullcandy is the way to go!


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