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A Review On: Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

Skullcandy S2TTBZ-BZ Titan Earbuds, (Black)

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Pros: accuracy and clarity of sound reproduction, build quality, metal construction, included case, price

   These in ear monitors really impressed me, especially due to the deal I got on them. A friend of mine ordered a set of these for both himself and his wife and accidentally processed the order twice, so his find of a good deal became mine when he offered me the extra two sets for $25. The build of these are of a much higher quality then the ink'd line that Skullcandy sells with this model's driver housings being constructed in all metal in either black or chrome with the headphone's leads wrapped in a second clear protective casing which seems to hold up well (no discoloring) and seems to do the job (Neither I, nor my friend have had no trouble with any bad wire problems with any of the four sets). The included case is also very well made from a heavy black cloth, with a mesh cloth pocket inside the zipper on it's side of  it's flat round shape. Looks, build quality and a nice case don't matter much if they don't sound any good, but this is definitely not an issue. I listen to most variates of music, aside from country, and there are none of the issues I've noticed with some other in ear headphones. These have plenty of bass reproduction capability when needed and don't have any coloring when listening detailed acoustic or other more complex types of music. these also have a built in volume slider, also built of metal, on the cord at the split of the Y, I don't use it much but when I have it seemed to work well. These have weathered very well to what could probably be honestly called abuse on my part, I've accidentally submerged them in water, more than once, yanked and snagged the cord, and slept with them on and they still sound as good as when I first got them. After having having tried them out I would have bought them at retail if I didn't get them at a discount, and even at retail they are cheap enough to replace when I've either lost or abuse them past the point of breaking. These are a no brain-er for a replacement of the junk that is packaged with most mp3 players, Apple's Ipod definitely included.


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