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Skullcandy Navigator: Fantastic Design, Pity About the Sound

A Review On: Skullcandy Navigator Headphone w/Mic3 Black/Black, One Size

Skullcandy Navigator Headphone w/Mic3 Black/Black, One Size

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Pros: Great build quality, Clever folding design, folds up, good noise isolation, comfortable

Cons: Very very thick, dark sound, earpads not replaceable

Along with the summary below, I have posted a Youtube video review of the Skullcandy Navigators. If you like the video, check out my channel for more reviews :)







The Navigators have good build quality, with metals used in most parts of the headphone frame. They are lightweight and fold up into a more compact shape. The earpads are very isolating, though perhaps a little stuffy. The detachable flat cable is somewhat prone to tangling. They are comfortable headphones but I found I had to use the maximum headband size adjustment and I do not believe I have a particularly large head, so it may be worth making sure they will fit before trying them.




The Navigators have a very dark, bassy sound with rolled off highs. They have a dry note to the treble but are otherwise quite dull and mid-bassy. They are even more muffled sounding than the similarly priced Logitech UE4000. They have a signature that would, combined with the good noise isolation, work well on noisy commutes. However in most cases I found them suffocatingly dark.




Unfortunately the sound of the Navigators makes them hard to recommend unless you do a lot of travelling and like your bass. They are sadly not nearly as balanced as the quite nice Skullcandy Aviators. That said, they have a good design and are worth a look if you are after a decently priced and very portable headphone.


I listened to them at Target, and thought they were better than the Solos, so good job to SC. Still, thats not saying much. Haha.
Exactly what i thought of them. I, like you, like the aviators so i was expecting this to be the same. I was wrong.
:D I have never actually heard the Aviators, there not at my Target): But the Navigators are definately good for $80 for people who want a whole bunch of bass and style(not me at all haha)