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A Review On: Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones Powder Blue, One Size

Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones Powder Blue, One Size

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Pros: Packaging

Cons: Sound quality, build quality, overall design

These headphones were not designed very well imo. There is a noticable seal problem. The headband has zero pressure and the earcups swivel in the wrong direction. When you press on the earcups for seal, the sound gets much better.


As a result, the sound is suprisingly bass light for a skullcandy. The mids are Ok in this price range and the soundstage is pretty good. The highs are terrible though. Very plasticy, peaky.  


Compared to other department store headphones, like Sony, JVC, AIWA, KOSS etc.... These sound about the same level as a AIWA but not a KOSS or Sony. I think the packaging, looks, and comfort take too much away from the potential sound. 


Mine are modded and sound worlds better than stock. If you own a par, atleast check out my mod thread:


If you are looking for WalMart headphones, look elsewhere at Sony, Koss, JVC. These are very mediocre unmodded, even for only $20.


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