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These are bad

A Review On: Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green)

Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green)

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Pros: Cheap

Cons: They're Junk

To start off, they fell out of my ears all the time because of design, not the rubber parts but the bud itself is just weird. The plug design ruined my Zune jack because the plug comes straight out and only one side works on my Zune now. Do not buy these and use without a L shaped plug adapter. Go with some others, Sony or Phillips worked as cheap bike riding ear buds.


I used to have the mokin buds and I agree with this statement. I haven't tried the ink'd though. I avoided it right away because I judged them based on the no left/right indicator.
I will always hate the sight of these because of my Zune jack issue. My friend got some pairs because he owns a speaker company and gave me the ones I had. I just put a price so I could post this. I would never buy these. I was boasting about some Sony buds I had to him and he said the Inks are really good sound. I didn't think they were that good and wish I never tried them. They are ugly. All Skullcandy stuff looks generic and stupid to me. Sorry Skullcandy, if i want candy in my skull I'll put it in my mouth and eat it.
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