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Not bad for your buck

A Review On: Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green)

Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green)

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Pros: Descent bass for the price, really cheap

Cons: Sound isn't very good, They fall out of your ears

First of all, I gave these a 3 star mostly for their price. At about 9 bucks they are about the cheapest headphones around. I mean, who is going to pass up a deal like that. They are dirt cheap and really easy to find at about any store you can name. But you aren't reading this review just for there price. Lets check em out.


Sound quality

  If your looking at from an audiphile's point of view, their pretty bad. I actually had to turn up the volume pretty loud to get much out of them. The mids and highs are pretty bad. The whole sound sounds like I am listening through a long tube. They are not very good in the sound department needless to say. The bass does sometimes drop but It can also be at really odd times and at random times doing the song. That's fine in bass heavy music but It sounds really weird in a song that doesn't have much bass like metal and hard rock



   The only real problem I had with them is when they fall out. I would NOT recommend these to anyone who would be using them to work out in. I don't know if its just my ears but I still wouldn't recommend them to people that would be using them for physical activities. They feel pretty natural after a while of having them in and you don't even know you are wearing them after a while.



  I have had them for about 7 months now and they are still working just fine. Nothing has ever broke on them and the sound is still the same that it was 7 months ago.



  What do I even have to say here. THEY ARE 9 BUCKS! If you just want some cheap headphones to get your jams on and you don't really care about sound that much, these are definitely your best bet.



  Among the audiophile community, skullcandys are generally disliked. They get a bad rap for not having great sound and/or comfort. I somewhat disagree with that. I do agree that they are more of a fashion piece than a great listening headphone( like beats). I disagree that all skullcandys are bad. I have had some pretty good skullcandys over the years and they have done pretty well overall. But back on topic about these. If you are trying to decide what headphones to get and you want to compare these to other headphones on the market. You just can't. There is nothing like these on the market. Again, THEY ARE 9 BUCKS! I also disagree with the people that say these headphones are just junk. What do you expect for 9 bucks. Not $1,000 Grados that's for sure. To sum things up, if you are thinking about getting them. Just get theme. THEY ARE ONLY 9 BUCKS. Its not like you will be losing a lot of money on them. Just buy them and give em a try.

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lol I don't like correcting this stuff but *audiophile if you want to use that term. :P Sorry, it was bothering me.
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