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A Review On: Skullcandy Hesh Over-Ear Headphone S6HEDZ-118 (Black/Grey)

Skullcandy Hesh Over-Ear Headphone S6HEDZ-118 (Black/Grey)

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Pros: Cheap relative speaking

Cons: cut off highs, muffled loose bass

OK first off I had bought a pair of original Hesh headphones which were dreadfully bad sounding. They broke early and so I decided to make SkullCandy warranty them. Well they replaced mine with the Hesh 2's which were not any better sounding in my opinion. When you wearing them if you move at all you hear cracking noises from the lousy construction. They can get very uncomfortable too. Here is the problem today with many of these headphone designs. Its more about design then anything else. I guess if you use them for a play by play at a game or auto race or just as a laptop headphone they work alright. But music forget it. Sorry but SkullCandy as much as they say they are concerned about music and sound quality. I think they are all about style and marketing that to young people.

But I am sure most concerned about sound quality will already know that SkullCandy is not for them. I would never recommend them to anyone expect someone looking for basic passive noise reduction and vocal and or video media sound reproduction.

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Actually the Hesh 2 was considerably superior to the original when I heard it, a bit lacking in treble for my tastes but the bass wasn't half bad, for a $60 headphone that is. 
But, mostly accurate.