A Review On: Skullcandy Hesh Over-Ear Headphone S6HEDZ-118 (Black/Grey)

Skullcandy Hesh Over-Ear Headphone S6HEDZ-118 (Black/Grey)

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Pros: Ummmm, they were easy to throw away?

Cons: Unblievably uncomfortable. Weird, Muffled sound. Break Easy

When I bought these 7 years ago because I thought they looked neat. I was wrong. My tastes have changed and I am no longer 16. I payed full $50 retail, because I was an idiot.


When I bought them I realized that they sounded AWFUL. I had owned many pairs of upper end Koss (I know Koss doesn't make high end) and entry level Sony HP's and these weren't even in the same league.


Sound: Just bad, it's not worth describing highs, lows or mids, they are all equally bad. You know what I will, Bass, if you turned it up loud it would rattle your head, flabby, bleedy and everywhere. Mids Recessed, weird and muffled. Highs: There are no highs. Like they intentionally removed them completely.  


Comfort, it's like having a humid clamp on your head. No cushion to speak of, just pain and heat.


Build, bad. Very bad. I wore them out while using them as little as possible because they were awful. It only took 2 months.


I know Skullcandy have come a long way but I will never purchase another pair of their headphones no matter how good. Prejudice runs deep for me and Skullcandy now. 


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