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A Review On: Skullcandy Fix In Ear Headphone With 3 Button Remote - White / Chrome

Skullcandy Fix In Ear Headphone With 3 Button Remote - White / Chrome

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Pros: Fit well, Come with decent carrying case.

Cons: Distorted bass, recessed mids, harsh treble and no detail, cheap cables and construction.

Ok where to start... I picked these up on sale for 20 bucks. I expected a bit from them since Skullcandy says they are worth $69.99. Let me tell you they are absolutely not worth that.... The monoprice 8320's sound much better than these so imho they are worth about 5 bucks. 


The bass is distorted and boomy. It overpowers everything and it is not clean at all. You can't even hear drum beats... All you hear is a boom where a nice solid tight drum hit should be. This ruins any clarity that you would be able to hear in any song. 


The mids are non existent. They just aren't there. They sound like if you were to do the typical V pattern on a graphic EQ to drop out all the mids. 


The highs are harsh and brittle. They completely ruin acoustic guitar songs and they make cymbal crashes painful.


I tried listening to every kind of music with these and I didn't find one that they sounded good for. These are just plain junk. About as bad as it gets sadly. 


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