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For bassheads, not audiophiles unless you are both

A Review On: Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic White, One Size

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic White, One Size

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Pros: Bass will sound excellent. Detachable cable, Foldable

Cons: Depends on what you like, may not be audiophile quality sound; comfort depends

I have a ton of headphones, and I consider myself an audiophile and a basshead, so I use different cans for different occasions.  For example, I dont like to travel with my grados because they are open even though they are probably the smoothest sounding things i've had on my ears (the grados). 


This review applies to bass lovers:


This headphone: has bass which I like a little more than the sony xb500, but it requires a battery to get there.  Without the battery on, I would say the sony xb500 is the best I have tried (so far).

It is better than my beats pro detox (which I paid a pretty penny for) and at a fraction of the cost.  The skullcrushers (older model of this) are comparable and I think that this headphone is better because the cable detaches, and the battery is behind the earpiece and not in the cord.  Otherwise it performs similar to the skullcrusher but sounds a little better overall in terms of overall sound quality.  To my ears, the bass is there and bumps hard but doesnt 'bleed' into the other frequencies as much as the older skullcrushers. 


If you dont like Bass, look elsewhere.  If you want bass, I'd get these before I'd get Beats.  These sound like a car with an amp and 15's in the trunk.  For the niche of bassheads, I'd think of these.  For more of an audiophile sound with great bass, maybe get the sony xb500. 


I think they look cool, but many audiophiles hate Skullcandy (and Beats for that matter) and would not be caught dead with these.  I think these are a good compromise of sound and style if you like rock, rap and bassy music. 


This is just my opinion and how these cans hit my ear compared to my other bass cans: sony xb500, skullcrushers, and beats pro. 

Check them out...if you hate 'em...return em. 


the skullcandy crusher, have listened to it but dont own it. the xb500, it qualifies as a basshead headphone because it has a lot of bass but i dont think it qualifies as an audiophile headphone as the sound quality is not all that great.
Yeah, the XB500 is absolutely horrible.
hahaha, i guess that depends on where you are coming from. for me i can stand the sound quality but it doesnt impress me. for example, my beyerdynamic dt990 also is bass heavy though not quite as bass heavy as the xb500 is noticeable better on sound quality. however, i got the xb500 for the purpose of having a bass heavy can and it serves exactly that so im not complaining
how is the soundstage on these?