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Actually great

A Review On: Skullcandy Aviator Headphone Black, One Size

Skullcandy Aviator Headphone Black, One Size

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Pros: Good sound, good comfort, stylish, portable

Cons: poor noise isolation, doesnt feel durable

I remember years ago all the kids in my middle school would say skullcandy's are the best and it would irritate me since i knew they sucked. Now 4 years later I may have to change that.


I knew that the Aviators and Mix Masters were for the most part well received here. I tried them on before but they didnt impress me. Since I was looking for some portable headphones i decided to give these a shot. 



These look really nice (to me at least). While style is at the near bottom of the list of things to look for in a headphone i can't deny i like the look of these unlike many other gaudy skullcandy products. 



So these are just ok in this department. These feel more cheap than they look. The headband seems fine. I cant imagine it breaking or anything. What i am worried about is the adjustment mechanism and cable. The adjustment mechanism feels cheap and like the cups will just slide over time. The cable is pretty thin and nylon braided. It is detachable though but skullcandy doesn't seem to sell the cable by itself so that kind of defeats the purpose of that. Skullcandy does have a lifetime warranty thats pretty good but since i live in Hawaii i could imagine the whole warranty process and shipping to take more than a month or two.



These are really comfortable. It doesnt seem like it would be because of the weird shaped ear pads but for me they are really comfy and i could wear them for hours.



These don't isolate well at all. If you need isolation don't get these. These almost dont block out noise at all. For me though i can handle it when in school or just walking around which is where id use them most. Oh and at home.



So these are pretty compact. These fold up nicely. The included carrying pouch is a bit small and its a bit hard to cram stuff in there but you get the hang of it after a while.



So getting to the part 90% of you care about and just skipped to is the sound. These were pretty surprising to me. These after some burn in become a nice warm sound. At first they were a bit harsh and sibilant but i noticed a difference. The bass isn't overpowering but i find it's just about perfect and it can thump if the song calls for it. Although the sub bass is definitely lacking. The mids are the best part. I heard details i never heard in my music before. This is coming from an owner of the m50's. I truly feel like im hearing all of my music which is awesome! Mids are nice and smooth. The treble is slightly recessed but still gives nice detail and i like it like that. It's not harsh or anything like that after burn in.


Overall i like these quite a bit. Like i said there are things that could be improved like the build and isolation and Skullcandy actually selling replacement cable (like whats the point of having a detachable cable if you still cant buy a replacement???). But i will be keeping these and feel like its almost worth $150. The sound is what makes me like these a lot. Thats awfully weird considering im talking about Skullcandy.

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Any decent headphone will not sound its best when not broken in!
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