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Skullcandy Aviator Headphone Black, One Size Reviews


Cheerfull, Clear


Pros: Such a happy sound, clear and balanced, Treble is colored a bit but actually sounds nice, They look good

Cons: Could have a bit more detail,

I own    -ATH m50 -GRADO sr 325is -HD 558 (Modded) -Skullcandy Aviator - HD 600   Of all the headphones these don't have the best detail. But IMHO the sound is very balanced and they sound so cheerfull. Especailly with a DAC/AMP. They are forgiving during bad recordings and sound great directly plugged into my iphone 4s.

Actually great


Pros: Good sound, good comfort, stylish, portable

Cons: poor noise isolation, doesnt feel durable

I remember years ago all the kids in my middle school would say skullcandy's are the best and it would irritate me since i knew they sucked. Now 4 years later I may have to change that.   I knew that the Aviators and Mix Masters were for the most part well received here. I tried them on before but they didnt impress me. Since I was looking for some portable headphones i decided to give these a shot.    Look These look really nice (to me at least). While style is at the near bottom of the list of things to look for in a headphone i can't deny i like the look of these unlike many other gaudy skullcandy products.    Durability So these are just ok...
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Better than you'd expect.


Pros: Good sound quality for Skullcandy, decent looking headphones, mildly comfortable, available for pre-purchase listening some places.

Cons: Not impressive sound quality for $130, not super comfortable.

These headphones are the first from Skullcandy to be focused more on sound quality than appearance, and they're suprisingly good-sounding. However, for $130, you can find better headphones. I would describe the sound produced as having acceptable but not impressive bass, somewhat better mids, and harsh highs. So basically what you would expect from skullcandy.

Just a good pair


Pros: Comfort, style, sound

Cons: Weight, smudge factor

When I bought these headphones, I was looking for something different from the norm. Something that would set me apart from everyone I knew with the type of head gear I used. I have a few pair of Skullcandy headphones and was very impressed with the sound they produced and when I saw the Aviators I thought a premium set of headphones from a company I have come to expect great quality and sound from.    Although they are not the "premium" cans that most people would think of, I have had no major issues from the sound produced and the quality of workmanship. Some things I wish there was more of was weight, the plastic ear cups do make them feel a bit cheap and can smudge...
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Style, comfort and sound!


Pros: Style with comfort WITH sound!

Cons: Surroundings leak into the experience sometimes. Sounds like crap until broken in.

I got the Brown ones from Skullcandy.com. They are very stylish, light, soft, and comfortable. I know Skullcandy gets a lot of flack from Audiophiles but for style and sound. I don't know anything like it.   Now my first impressions were very bad. When I put these on. I could notice great range and I heard things that I never heard with my Skullcandy Titan's, but I could no detect too much difference between the two. This disappointed me GREATLY. Bottom line: They sound like CRAP out of box and I've read many reviews before buying these headphones and 50% turn them away out of the box. And who can blame them! They sound like CRAP!   Now, this was a big purchase for me...
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Great mix of style, wearability, andsound


Pros: Microfiber cloth, light

Cons: Can hear everything around you, people hear your music, smudgy plastic on cans

Though the best Skullcandy has to offer won't immerse you in music bliss, these are more for you being seen, than audio quality. Such as outdoors, on the bus, walking etc. They are light and you can wear them for hours.  I myself wore them on a roadtrip driving, as to not disturb others. Problem is you can't turn your music up too loud because everyone else can pretty much hear the same volume as you.  Plus you'll probably look and ask yourself, "where does $150 go into these?" And it most likely goes into the RocNation logo, sort of like Beats, but the Aviator offers more genres you can listen to.  However, I believe Skullcandy has made a decent effort to provide...
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Well, I'm definitely surprised...


Pros: Bass isn't overpowering, no distortion, looks very nice

Cons: None of the spectrum floors me, cord is thin and wrapped in fabric.

I was very surprsied to read Jude's inital thoughts on these headphones when he first reported that Skullcandy was looking to change up their headphones and when I first saw the Aviators and read the good things about them, I was just about sold. I had forgotten about them until I recently saw them at Best Buy out for demo. I gave 'em a listen through my iPod and tracks that sounded pretty sharp and nearly painful to hear (such as Fool on the Planet's loud guitar paired with Yamanaka's vocals) were, well, not painful. It sounded nice and that was enough of a change for me. Another track that really surprised me on these was Climbing the Roof, also by the Pillows. Previously I hadn't...
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