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Very Good sound quality, Very Good Isolation with very low sound leaks,Bass is very acurate but not powerful (imo), Comfortable earpads, but too heavy

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Shure SRH840

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Pros: Very Good sound quality, Very good isolation with little to no leaks, Accurate bass,comfortable earpads, removeable/coiled cable. amp not needed.

Cons: Very heavy headphones, bass is not powerful enough for bassheads like myself, poor aesthetics.

These are very good headphones. If you don't need "basshead bass", just accurate , crisp bass , then these are for you.

Although they are comfortable around the ears, they are very heavy, not too big of a deal imo, the quality of sound and overall design of the headphones makes it alright.

Amp is not really required due to the low ohms on these too.


I opted to return them tho, as the bass was not powerful enough and they were too heavy.

if they had basshead bass and werent so heavy, they would be perfect.


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