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Nothing exceptional. Just how the music sounds.

A Review On: Shure SRH840

Shure SRH840

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Pros: Neutral sound, sufficient bass (for me), great mid and high (and not bright)

Cons: Weight is an issue on the skull. Un-colored (may not be fun)

This is a very very early review (just a few days from my purchase).

Reason I bought this can is to invest in some home entertainment hub for myself. Initially choosing M50,

but it's out of stock when I tried the demo set over and over and was about to make the purchase. sad.


Then I changed my mind, go for SRH840. Turned out to be not bad. Compared to M50, this can is seriously discolored (what I mean was, the bass is flat, the mid is clear, and the high is just flat, nothing outstanding). Although i still think i would like the more "fun" M50, which is quite bassy and colored (monitoring? I don't know, more towards entertaining). But SRH840 gives me a great chill on what I always wanted - DETAIL. This can is a detail monster.


I'm not even qualified to be called audiophile. Just someone who enjoys occasional music. But I love what I heard. The road not taken was M50, maybe next time (after 5 or 10 years later), I'll find something fun (Maybe too late? Haha.)


Your comments are spot on with my impressions and I've had my pair for over a year. Detailed, but very boring, heavy, and clamps my head. Although doesn't really reach very low in the bass department either.
Honestly, if I do not have something to compare (ie. M50) with me, I'd think that SRH840 would be fine. Because after all, they are considered cans in the same level, so rest assured these are really good cans. Just that some prefer colored, some prefer neutral. The quality is still there.
M50 is harsh and muddy compared to these. Srh840 is king of closed backs under $200 for me.
I would say "uncolored" as opposed to "discolored" ("discolored" suggests that something is wrong with the sound distribution, which is not the case. They just stay true to the original recording).
And @clem24, these cans are only boring if your music is boring. ;)
@bcasey25raptor M50 sounds reasonably clear to me. Maybe it's the genre we're differing here.
@drgnfrc13 Thanks for the explanation. Ya, it's very honest, that's why I feel like I have a guarantee whenever I listen to any music. It stays true to what the music maker intended the music to be. And boredom is magnified with rock and bass reliant songs.
Oooohhh ouch!!! :D
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