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One of the Best sounding cans in the Price Range

A Review On: Shure SRH840

Shure SRH840

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Pros: Superb Sound, Extremely Comfortable, Accurate when used as Studio Monitors

Cons: Exposed wire

I do home studio recording using different instruments and this exceeded my requirements in using them as monitors and I love them!



- These are extremely comfortable, soft pads all around, and you can wear them for long hours

- In my case, when i'm recording and mixing, or just listening to music, i have them on my head from 6 - 10 hours straight with no fatigue at all. So they are extremely comfortable

- The sound coming from the cans also are not that fatiguing so you can listen to them the whole day without feeling pain in your ears



- It is tough plastic all around and the headband looks it is built to last

- However, there are exposed wires from the band to the cups which I don't like

- Also, the some hinges looks fragile as compared to other headphones



- Now this is really the selling point of this cans, they sound superb!

- Bass is really controlled and accurate and not overpowering

- Mids and Trebles are clear and precise just what you need for monitoring

- These has a large soundstage that is really enjoyable

- For the price, these maybe the best sounding cans!



I would recommend these to anyone who's looking for Great Sounding Cans and for those who are looking for studio monitors also. Very comfortable and really for for home / studio use. Great cans!

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a agree with most of this. nice review.
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