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A Review On: Shure SRH840

Shure SRH840

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Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Value

Cons: Too top heavy


Classy box, easy to open, nicely presented.



Earcups are perfectly comfortable and they fit wonderfully. Hours long listening sessions are still perfectly comfortable.



The design of these is really cool in that the band is entirely flexible, but the practical application is diminished because of it. It makes the headphones extremely top heavy, so you cannot really move much at all while wearing these. For example, they are annoying to use while doing housework, or even putting your shoes on, because if you lean your head forward at all they will slide forward and eventually fall off. In this regard, the design of the SRH DJ 750 is more comfortable and usable for this (although you absolutely need an amp to power those). Also, the stock cable is an overly long and bulky 3.5m coil. They offer a straight cable sold separately, but this is also too long and bulky for comfortable 'pocket use'. The stock cable is really suited for studio/desk use only. I did like the removable cable design though, makes for nice easy storage-oh, and they come with a very nice carrying bag and they fold into it very easily. Finally, although they look good, I think they could look better. Shure will really dominate the market once they make their headphones look as good as the Dre Beats, because they already sound a thousand times better!



Beautiful and perfectly balanced, with a huge soundstage that makes you hear every single element of the music. Bass is strong but not overpowering, mids are velvety smooth and rich, and the treble shimmers above-the sound on these really amazed me. It is important to note though that these isolate VERY little noise, despite their significant looking ear cups. To enjoy these on, say, the El (as I tried to do), you pretty much have to max out your volume.



Tough to beat. Strictly concerning sound, they absolutely kill my stepdad's $300 Bose Quiet Comfort 3's, and practically make fun of other entries in their class and price range.



Know what you're buying: these are studio-type, stationary-use-only headphones. If that's what you're looking for then look no further, because these sound incredible and are comfortable for hours at a time and you probably won't find anything better at that price.


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