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A must have headphone!

A Review On: Shure SRH840

Shure SRH840

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Pros: Smooth sound. Good build quality. Comfortable

Cons: Weight. Exposed wires

Hey. This is going to be a review of the Shure SRH840. Now, these are Shure's 3rd headphone in the '40 series. They are for everyone, including regular people and studio professionals.


To start off, i am going to talk about the overall value and what you get when you purchase these. In my honest opinion, these are worth the $200 price tag. While the design is a bit bulky, and you can't really use these in public because they will get you strange looks when you walk around. Regardless of that, these are still great headphones. They are made out of plastic, and i am not talking about cheap plastic, i'm talking about the high quality stuff. They feel very solid and sturdy when you hold them in your hands. You get a high quality coiled audio cable, a fake leather carrying pouch, an extra set of ear pads, and a screw on quarter inch adapter. While the carrying pouch does more carrying than protecting, i find it to be appropriate due to the rock solid plastic that these headphones are made out of. The cable has a detachable mechanism that locks in once you insert it into the headphones and give it a quarter twist. As most of you may know, the headphones have exposed wires, which is a turn off for me, because it may get caught on something and rip out, thus ruining the headphone.


In terms of comfort, i have to say that these are really great! My ears completely go inside the ear cups and the clamping force is at the right level to where the headphones feel secure on my head. The ear cup size is pretty large, so it should fit around pretty much everyone's ears.


The sound of these headphones is really excellent, especially for a $200 headphone. The bass is accurate and punchy, so not boomy or muddy. It is at a level where you are able to listen to any genre of music and still be satisfied with what you hear. The midrange/vocal region is really great. You are able to hear vocals perfectly and they never get harsh, or hard to listen to. When a singer drops to a low note, you can hear it with perfect E's and when it picks up, you hear it. I would say that female vocals are more satisfying to listen to than male vocals because they don't give you listening fatigue as much as male vocals do. The treble is extended and quite present. Now, these are not bright, in my opinion. Treble extension is good, and drums and cymbal crashes sound amazing to me. I listen to a lot of rock and metal music, and these headphones perform quite well with those genres.


Are these the best $200 headphones ever? i have no idea. But, they are well worth the money if you plan on picking these up. You can find them online, or at guitar center, and they typically run for 180 to 200 dollars depending on where you get them. So, thank you Shure for making these amazing headphones, and thank you to everyone for checking out this review.  


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