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Roack Solid Headphone bot bass is not strong enough.

A Review On: Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Crisp and details, decent staging image

Cons: Bass is lacking when connected to PC soundard 1/8"


Very solid headphone , even if it feels plastiky, as many of reviewers mentionned. 

I use it on my PC to perform remixes and audio remastering using verious tools such as AUdacity, Acid and MixMeister.


Tried on my home theater (marantz SR5001) and I am not impressed with bass impact.

This bings me to a question :

What amplifier shoud I consider in order to get stronger bass ?


I've owned SHR750DJ. The bass was really below my standards as well, not enough qaunitiy for a DJ headphone I tried FiiO E11 to help but it would not perform any better. I sold mine and bought Sony MDR V6! Much happier, much better sound, full and right amount of bass. Shure 750DJ not good bass, average SQ IMO.
Very heavy too! Heavy and creaky, plastic.
Wau late but here it goes... If you want an amp with bass that's very portable your answer is the Digizoid ZO2. Its an amp but with, what they call Smartvector technology which is a special bass boosting circuit that gives you 32 levels of bass and it does so without ruining the rest of the frequencies. This thing will greatly increase bass as well as give any headphone a warmer sound with a black background. I find it mostly increases the sub bass region. It costs around a hundred bucks but if you want bass this is a great gadget.
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