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Shure SRH750 DJ Review

A Review On: Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Sound Quality, Design

Cons: Comfort, Build Quality


Officially releasing in February of 2010 the Shure SRH750 DJ was a headphone more inclined towards a "DJing" lifestyle, with the ability to fold and also swivel into different positions making it possible to wear them in any position that you would like. They also feature a single removable coiled cable, although a separate straight cable can be purchased anywhere online. I have had these for about six months and still believe that I have mixed feelings on my overall opinion about these headphones. They cost anywhere from 90-150 USD classifying them as a mid-range headphone but do they live up to their name? Let’s find out.


First off let’s start with the physical attributes of these cans. They weigh 8oz and although that doesn’t seem like much, these headphones seem to feel bulky, and awkward on the head. The ear cups are over-ear, therefore your ears won’t hurt as bad after prolonged listening. Although that still doesn’t mean that they are relatively comfortable (When I say comfortable I do not mean that they hurt at all but they just feel bothersome on the head). The pads are stiff and feel rather hard leaving one to make a decision whether to keep these uncomfortable pads or compromise sound quality and the headphones “seal” by getting velour ear pads. The SRH750 DJ also has a nifty folding feature allowing you to easily store them in the SHURE branding carrying bag that is included with the headphones along with a screw on ¼ in. plug to attach to the end of the 10ft long coiled cable. I love the overall look of this headphone as it has a very premium and durable look to them but once you have them in your hands that feeling disappears as they seem to be made of some kind of plastic and tend frequently make creaking noises. This makes me question the durability the 750 DJ’s. Another small problem I had with the design of these headphones is when they are on your head the headband literally flattens instead of curving like a normal headphone. I thoroughly enjoy the look of these headphones but based off comfort and the materials used I cannot recommend these based off of their physical characteristics.


On the technical side, regarding to the sound quality of the 750 DJ’s, I was surprised. Offering a frequency response of 5hz-30000hz and a 50mm driver the bass that these give off is just right. It’s not boomy but at the same time it isn’t recessed either, and while the bass was the main focus of these headphones they do not disappoint in the highs or the mids either. Vocals are extremely crisp and clear making you almost feel like part of the music, and I’ve while noticed listening to these I’ve heard aspects of music I hadn’t heard before. Shure certainly did something right with the sound of these headphones I have no complaints about the audio quality and can easily say that the it is good enough to overlook to physical problems within this headphone. The only problem I have is with an impedance of 32 ohms they should easily be ran off of any mp3 player or cell phone but unfortunately in order to get the best listening experience from them you will need an amp. ‘


In conclusion the Shure SRH 750 DJ’s are a very good sounding headphone if you can get over a few problems like comfort, the squeaking of the headphones, and the stiffness of the ear pads/headband, then you will be in for a real treat with the amazing sound quality put out by these cans. I give them a solid 8.2.



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