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Still loving these

A Review On: Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Sound quality good, durability, bass response

Cons: Plastic design, not too portable, mids

Amping: I disagree with the idea that these headphones require significant amping, as I use these out of my iPod and laptop all the time and, while amping would be a nice addition, certainly run fine off of an iPod. They have very nice bass quality, and enough quantity to give a head-rattling when properly EQ'd, while not as powerful as the XB500's.


Music Genres: I find these headphones best suited for electronic, dance, and hip-hop music genres, as well as music that doesn't focus highly on acoustic sounds. While I do listen to rock music with these, I found that in comparison to a headphone like the Ath-M50, they couldn't truly produce the same shine in the genre.

The midrange is somewhat lacking in these headphones, and possibly the most neglected of the spectrum. Highs are good and have precise detail, but the biggest focus in these headphones are certainly the bass; they are very quick to catch the beat in even the fastest techno songs. The soundstage has a good size as well.


Design/Durability/Comfort: These headphones are very durable and can take a lot, at least in my experiences with them. Their plastic design may seem cheap and delicate, but I disagree. And also, since you may be considering the purchase of these headphones, I will inform you in advance that they do come with a very nonspecific State of California Warning, which I can only presume has to do with a possible chemical treated on the white plastic parts to ensure durability (as long as you are not trying to ingest your headphones, I wouldn't worry too much). While I'm not a fan of bad chemicals, this was added most likely to keep the plastic from cracking or breaking. The plastic can creak when you are moving around, but stationary I do not find it very noticeable.

Most people say that the Shure headband design is a "hit it or miss it," so if the headband doesn't work for you, it may not be a good idea to stick with them. The adjustment sizes can also run a bit small, so if you have a fairly large head you may want to try these on before purchase.

While not the most comfortable, I can wear these for hours without any real pain or soreness. Kind of like a basic bed, it provides decent sleeping conditions but isn't overly plush or makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.


Portability: For a while I used these for portable, on-the-go scenarios as well as at home. The leather pads (not sure if they are authentic or PU) can get hot easily if you are not in an environment that is below about 80 degrees F. This may be a redundant remark for most, but living in Florida if you aren't in a place with A/C it is probably not a good idea to use these as they get very hot and stuffy inside the ear cups.

They are also bulky and, as I mentioned previously, the plastic can creak. While the style of the headphones is pretty nice, they are a little big to be wearing in public unless you don't mind. I am not using the Sennheiser HD-25-II's for portable use, and they are much better for this purpose. However, I am not as big of a fan of the sound signature as I am of these, and cannot wear them for as long of a duration.


(Not being a big audiophile I did not want to go into much detail on SQ so as not to give people any wrong impressions.)smile_phones.gif

Oh and sorry for accidentally uploading that picture of them on the banana stand... I didn't know it would make it the main picture.


I disagree with your amping observation. These go from extremely quiet then jump to loud at around 75 volume (ipod touch). An amplifier should soften that out a bit. Good headphones nonetheless.
Oh, well I never listen above 50% on my iPod (or only in very noisy places) so I guess I've never noticed. I did notice that the bass is very quiet until you put the volume higher though (at least around 50% or above, below 30% and you can't really hear the bass).
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