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A Review On: Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones (Black)

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Pros: light wight, large size, good low end, durable

Cons: too much plastic, not enough head grip, very high power needs

These headphones are a good midrange point for those who are looking for a foot in the door with high end audio. These are by no means meant for listening to something like "Moonlight Sonata" in your living room though. These were designed for DJ's, producers, and those that work in a professional music environment or those who need to hear what they are listening to at very high sound levels. That isn't to say that they couldn't be used in an everyday situation when listening to music, but they require a fairly powerful amplifier for them to show their full potential.

         The three songs that I use to test are Toccata and Fugue-J.S. Bach, Feuer Frei-Rammstein, and Return of the Clockwork Monster-Klippa. I have listened to these headphone through (from least to most powerful amp) a Sansa fuze, an Ipad, a laptop, a mixing board, a shelf stereo, and a vintage home theater receiver. And I can say with a good amount of confidence that unless you are planning on carrying around a portable headphone amp, these will be near unusable in a mobile setting. The bass will be almost non-existant, the highs will sound hollow, and it will be a generally unpleasant experience. When these are properly powered though, listening becomes quite enjoyable. I think the closest companion these have in the mainstream market would be the Sennheiser 518's.


i got rid of mine because they sounded bad. is this due to needing more power? everyone said they were very efficient with portable devices. is the shure srh840 just as hard to drive?
1st question: Yes, not to say that they can't be used with a portable device, I use them every day to listen to music on the couch.But they do require quite a bit more power than many headphones I have tried, like I said, they are designed for a more professional level consumer in mind.
2nd question: No, the srh840 headphones are much easier to drive, especially after the break in period. 750's= loud, more bass heavy, DJ use; 840's= quieter, more sensitivity for critical applications, mixing, monitoring, and portable use.
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