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Shure SRH1540 Headphones Reviews


Excellent at their price point (edit 2/28/14 and 3/19/14)


Pros: Bass, mids, smooth and clear treble, comfort

Cons: Poorly recorded tracks can suffer bass bloat

**I edited this review on 2/28/14 to include some new thoughts.  I placed the edits at the bottom of this review**   This review is a little unique for me.  Firstly, I'm more comfortable and experienced at writing reviews of amplifiers and DACs.  Writing a headphone review is a new thing for me.  Secondly, this is my first foray into premium closed headphones.  I've heard many closed cans in my day, but my premium cans have always been open.  This is my first attempt at analyzing flagship closed cans.   Review system:   Trafomatic Head One and Schiit Bifrost Uber.  Apple lossless files fed to Bifrost via coax.     Ok,...
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A Truly Premium Product by Shure.


Pros: comfort, detailed, durable

Cons: price, not super adjustable

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Shure or any other company.  My opinions are mine, and my own.     Pro: Offering exceptional fidelity and comfort with a brilliant construction and thoughtful extras the Shure 1540 is a headphone that is not easily bested. Cons: With a rather steep price tag it can be a large pill to swallow for someone hesitant to take the leap.   Overall:  The new Shure closed flag ship is a major contender to the headphone market.  I believe it to be one of, if not the best closed back headphone on the market.  It brings superb comfort with an above average imaging and soundstage that makes it hard to put down.  It...
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These have made me really respect and appreciate Shures craftmenship


Pros: The neutral sound, the sound-stage, detail

These at the time were the second product of Shure’s that I had heard and they have really secured my love for Shure’s products. They are a good set of headphones that sound decent I found my-self needing a set of over-ear headphones for every day use and decided to get these based on a few video reviews. One of the things that surprised me with these headphones is the sheer number of accessories that you get with the package. Shure, give you: -2* MMCX connector rubber coated cables both of which the same length -2 sets of Alcantara ear cups. (the cups themselves are stitched together at the seams not glued) -1* 3.5mm to 1/4 ‘’ Gold plated adapter -And a hard carry case with...
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A Top Notch Closed-Back Can


Pros: Sound Quality, Style, Comfort

Cons: Price, Cable

  After two years of listening to Shure’s SRH840 headphone nearly every workday, I decided it was finally time for an upgrade. Not so much because the SRH840 isn’t a good headphone (you can read my review here), but more because I wanted something different. My workspace, where I use an ALO Audio Island DAC/amp to drive my music daily, calls for closed-back headphones. I had the Fostex TH600 in my collection, but its sonic signature never quite satisfied me. The TH600’s sub-bass is beyond fun, the sense of space is great, it’s quite comfortable, but the deeply recessed mids left a lot to be desired for my musical tastes and the resultant emphasis on the bass and...
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A decent replacement for my srh940


Pros: comfy, lightweight, isolation, versatile sound, non-fatiguing sound, design

Cons: a small upgrade in sound quality, long cable that detach easily

    I was relatively happy with the sound of my srh940. However, the band of my srh940 started to crack seriously, and with all the scotch  and glue to maintain the band, it was just an ugly mess. So the srh1540 with a superior design, was a natural choice to replace my srh940.   Physical description: Here are some pics, to compare with to my (old damaged) srh940. The box height of sr1540 is significantly bigger.               Sound quality: They sound fine with most musics. No "wow" factor, I didn't find them superior with a particular genre. However no "glaring flaw". The bass is a bit emphasized, but I ...
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These are the best Headphones ever!


Pros: Superlative headphones-detail, soundstage, precision and a new take on every song you have heard

Cons: Only the price......

I am an audiophile and these cans really deliver! Spacious and open with a neutral but pacy kick. These phones are the business but deserve a headphone amp to really bounce! Nevertheless, you will notice the difference even through a direct iphone etc connection. Power station tracks will really show you the directness and incisiveness of these studio quality headphones. They are natural studio phones which you would expect from Shure-the musicians reference choice. If you appreciate detailed, realistic concert sound you will love these!! Top quality!!! They are not beats heavy on the bass but deliver an exciting and expansive soundstage...delighted!!!

Very good!


Pros: Build quality, comfort, Do everything well

Cons: Not a lot for the price

Comfort and build quality these would not look out of place at £600. Out of all the headphones I have owned / used these have best overall sound which works with every type of music and overall sounds very good, sort of like all the best parts of the HD650, D2000 and HE400 in one headphone but not quite as good as any of them at the parts the do best, but not far off, so a very good all rounder unless you are looking for very bright headphones or don't like bass. Only things I would improve would be slightly deeper bass extension (although it is very good already)better definition in the bass and a slightly more forward midrange .They do not have many reviews or feedback on head-fi, I...
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New Closed Back Flagship!


Pros: Comfort, Smooth sound, build, looks, most things.

Cons: Slight lack of isolation(when compared to pleather or leather)

Full Review Here. http://www.head-fi.org/t/702042/shure-srh1540-full-review

Shure's newest closed-back flagship but is it all its meant to be?


Pros: Comfortable, great built (similar to SRH1840), excellent pads, pleasant sound quality, imaging/separation and accessories.

Cons: Bass is elevated and intrudes on lower mids, isolation a bit weak for a closed headphone, leaks sound, price.

Introduction:   Shure oh, Shure. Have to reiterate, I'm a Shure Fan. Like their microphones, loved their headphones. Was a fan of the SRH440/940 combo when I had them, liked (but did not own) their SRH840 offering and definitely needed to try their open-back "flagship" SRH1840s and did for a while last year. So of course when I read that a new closed-back flagship was about to be released, I got pumped and waited for availability. As soon as they were "In-Stock", I placed the order. It just sounded like a promising entry, you know, SRH1840 style and design, alcantara earpads, and the only thing I was questioning was: are these going to sound as excellent...
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