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For one who loves listening to vocals, indeed!!

A Review On: Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 940

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Pros: Detailed and Sweet-sounding mids

Cons: Not for electronic music ,K-Pop (due to lacking some punchy bass)

I upgraded this one from my old m50. In Thailand, this costs 333 USD. (http://www.munkonggadget.com/product.detail_166437_th_4031434)

m50 vs srh940

- It has velour pads that is not getting wet when you wear it in hot weather like leather pad on m50.

- Its sound signature is really mid forward (suit for woman singers) but with tight bass not too muddy and deep bass like m50.

- Suited for Rock, Pop-Rock, Vocals, Folk, Jazz, Metal(due to its fast speed) and some Pop songs.

- It's very comfy to wear and not getting clamping forces too hard like m50.

- If you listen to a lot of electronic, K-pop music, then look for something else.

- To get more punchy bass and deep bass like m50, then seek for an amp (for example C421 portable amp) (EQ-ing works but you may get some distortion from the headphone).

- To get more soundstage and a little more recessed mids, then seek for the desktop amp (Like ObjectiveO2 amp).

- Wearing it for a long time while sitting (more than 2-3 hrs.) may cause neckache, my old m50 didn't have this problem.

- This headphone have no sibilance on mids and highs if you try EQ-ing well. This problem can't be resolved on my m50 even I tried EQ-ing, the problem still persists.

- M50 isolates better than this.

- This headphone sounds almost same as Beyerdynamic T70p and DT880 to me.

Finally, This is really not a great choice for one who seek an upgrade from ATH-M50. For me, the sound on m50 is very very much more engaging (after EQ-ing) than this one a lot. For one who have m50, I suggest to just keep it and not looking for this one or if you want to upgrade your m50, I suggest that you look for sennheiser momentum, sony mdr-1r, sony z1000 or beyerdynamic T5P instead.


If you try to mod them by inserting rope in the pad, they'll have plenty of bass.
Thank guy! I tried that already but it sounds a little better to me with a little bit more bass but a little more recession in mids.
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