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great separation for mixing

A Review On: Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 940

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Pros: actually can do a decent mix with them

Cons: look funny on my bald head

I tried out several pairs of headhphones including the srh840, senns 598's, grado's, DT880/DT770, and kns8400. The srh840's and srh940's were the best of the lot. But the SRH940's are MUCH better than the 840's: much better fit, and considerably better sounding. Nice separation.


I do recommend however, also getting the SRH840's leatherette pads. And Shure should really have 1 pair of leatherette and 1 pair of velour pads shipped with the 940's. What they do now is ship 2 pairs of velour pads (one on the phones one in a compartment in the case. So I ordered separately the 840 leatherette pads (took 2 minutes to put them on) Also, since I did not like how the 940's pads felt on my bald head, I bought a pad cover from amazon, which was a bit trickier to put on but it's more comfortable for me. http://tiny.cc/obyqnw


I do look a bit funny in them but I am not wearing them on stage. I would probably get the DJ heaphones from Shure if I was wearing them in a public setting. I spoke with one gigging DJ and he said the Shure DJ headphones were the only ones he had which didn't break after 6 months.

I got the SRH940's on amazon for $240 and the next month Shure upped the prices to $300. weird. But probably still worth it at $300. (And check out the 840 leatherette earpads (also on amazon for $15).


rock on.




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