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treble monster

A Review On: Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 940

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  • Pros:


    1) Great soundstage for a closed headphone.



    2) Good monitoring headphone with very detailed sound over all frequencies.


    3) Just lacking bass, from mid to high, they sound like they are singing right beside you.



    4) Good for acoustics, classic, Guitars, Vocals, soft rocks, most songs that doesn't require the "thump" sound.





    1. it's not that comfortable if you wear it 3+ hrs

  • 2. Not much bass are into it, not good for listening hip hop, and dance ( which i mostly listen to)

  • 3. ugly as hell

  • 4. It's so detailed that you hear things that you don't want to hear. Especially if you are listening to lower audio quality music (aka, downloaded music)

  • 5. Each of the parts are very detailed that if some of the bass, treble and mids don't go together the music is not assembled well. People call it detail moster = not always good



I find these look great and they aren't to revealing.
If you find them too detailed in an "annoying way", try to experiment with different cup placement on your head. This has done the trick for me, see my review for more details.
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