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A Review On: Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 940

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Okay, let's go straight in the review! 


The Shure SRH 940 is my first closed headphones and I am both intrigued and disappointed at the same time. 



It comes with an awesome carrying case along with generous contents - extra pads and two replaceable cables (coiled and straight). I wish other audio manufacturers (cough.. Beyer.. cough) would be as generous as the folks at Shure.



Hmm, this part is a little hard. They are comfortable if you're using it for a short period of time. Longer than 20 minutes and you'll feel the headband pushing into your skull. It's quite annoying but I can live with that.



I find no issues with their build. They feel really solid in my hands. I was a bit concerned with the swivels but I don't think that will be an issue. No cable sticking out the sides = Awesome design.


Sound Quality

As usual, Shure is still king of the mids. Let's keep it short shall we?


Detail - Astounding

Soundstage - Perfect (for a closed headphone)

Highs - Perfect

Mids - Perfect

Lows - Somewhere between terrible and okay.

Colouration - Somewhere between neutral and coloured


Now it's time for some elaboration. First day of purchase, I'm very happy. I listened to all the tracks and I loved its detail. There is some hype about its sound signature similar to the HD800. I see where they're coming from - it's the level of detail. On a serious note though, the HD800 sounds completely different. On the third day, I was listening to some pop and then something's a bit missing but I can't pinpoint it. Listened to the DT880 then the SRH 940. About ten times of trial, I found out that it's missing some bass. The SRH 940 extends well deep but lacks that ... bass. Not that it doesn't hit, but without that particular bass it sounds almost lifeless on some songs. I rate the bass below neutral.



Would I recommend these cans? No, not at all especially at its price point.

I'm not a basshead but cans with lows below neutral is completely unacceptable to me. When listening to full sized orchestras, the timpanis almost disappear (that is crucial and I can't listen to orchestras without timpanis - holy cows!). Imagine this - a supermodel with a single missing front tooth, an exam you did well but missed that one question worth 10 marks. Yeah you know what I mean now. I returned the cans within the week I bought them. YMMV


Have a great day everyone! smily_headphones1.gif






In general, I don't like EQing stuff. Sounds unnatural to me. :)
You have a high amount of hate for these headphones. Even slight eqing in the bass would fix your issue.
Nik - couldn't agree more with your review. There is so much to like about these cans - but once you compare them with a DT880 or an HD600 you start to realise how odd they start sounding. Love your analogy on the model with the tooth missing as well. Nice to see someone else can see past their high detail - and yes, I definitely also found them coloured. I know you're a violinist as well - did you find the timbre of the string section was also 'off' with the 940's?
Have you tried the Sony XB1000 yet nikp?
@bcasey.. Hate is a strong word. Let's just say I am deeply disappointed with Shure. Like I said, it became unnatural when EQed.
@Brooko About the timbre of strings, it's a bit like the DT880 in a way and it certainly doesn't come close to the HD600s.
@kiteki Nope, in fact I haven't heard any headphones made by Sony.
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