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really a high-end headphone from Shure

A Review On: Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 940

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Pros: sound quality better than other headphones of similar price range-around $300

Cons: terrible wearing design

I have HD600 and once had DT770(32OHM), DT880(600OHM) and D2000. Don't have too much money so I just have a cheap CD player, a cheap amp and a sound card(essence st) to support the headphones. I have listened to many high-end headphones in many places, including T1, psk, HD800 etc. And I think I know the actual sound quality of some famous headphones quite well. This Srh940 I first listened to it in a audio shop and the next day I decided to buy it, for HKD$1900, around US$250. I know I bought it in a lower price. This Srh940 suprise me as its overall sound quality is so great! Absolutely good listening with almost all kinds of music. The sound is smooth and very detailed. I expected it may sound little bit more monitoring but actually its musical feeling is also very great, I would say not worse than DT880. Compare it with HD600, I would say the sound quality of both are in similar level, but they perform well in different aspects. I think the Highs quality of 940 is obviously better than Hd600. Hd600 may have better or stronger Lows. So, a big bomb from Shure, Srh940, I really like it. It is also very easy to drive, can be easily driven by portable players.


My english is not good enough to describe so many things, sorry.


My ranking for the sound quality of some headphones including Srh940 is this:



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Very nice simple review! The Shure SRH-940 seems very interesting.
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