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Gives music an airy ethereal feeling; interesting alternate and distorted sound signature to add to your headphone collection

A Review On: Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 940

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Pros: Detail. Accuracy. very bright (if you like that)

Cons: Headband a little uncomfortable. very bright (if you don't like that)

These headphones should be valued for providing an ultra-bright sound signature not offered by any other headphone that I'm aware of.

Comparisons with the HD800: If you compare the 30hz and 300hz square wave measurements from the innerfidelity charts between these and the Sennheiser HD800, you'll see that the two are almost identical. I own the HD800s and this, and I can say that the SRH940s are much much closer to the HD800s than their prices would suggest. The HD800s handle bass and mids better, and their treble is a little smoother, and they have better spatial characteristics, but the two are close, with the SRH940 being brighter.

More on their brightness: These are possibly the brightest headphones made today, which is something I appreciate. They are almost like taking the tweeter out of your stereo speakers and putting them up to your ears. OK that's an exaggeration but do not underestimate how bright these are. On their bass output, they're not like a clock radio that can't put out bass. If you play a bass heavy song you'll hear the bass notes and they can go quite deep on the frequency chart. But if you like to hear a bunch of bass on all your songs, then you'll need to use the equalizer to turn these into the headphones you want.

Ultimately, if you want to know what your music sounds like with excess exaggerated treble (and sometimes it sounds better) these are the headphones to own.

The only problem is that they put pressure on one spot on the top of my head if I wear them for a long time (the cushions were designed poorly and they focus the weight on one spot).


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