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Shure SRH 940 Reviews


Shure SRH940, a subjective opinion-based analysis subject to scrutiny (Review)


Pros: Detail, Clarity, Bright Mids/Highs, Neutral, Easy to Drive

Cons: Bass Light (Neutral), Price (worth it though)

The Shure SRH940, a Subjective Opinion-Based Analysis Subject to Scrutiny            The Shure SRH940: "I can hear the smoke in the bar."     Background (A Preface)   Before even beginning to describe my journey with the Shure SRH940 headphone, I should explain where I'm coming from to help explain some of my perceptions, expectations and generally how my opinion is formed. I'm a basshead at heart. I like thundering, pant shaking, jaw rattling bass. I like it low, tight and with impact. I don't like muddy uncontrolled flabby bass, even if it's full and wall shaking. Because of this, my headphone collection is...
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For the Treble Lover


Pros: Detailed, "open" feel, Build Quality, Included goodies

Cons: Heavy, Uncomfortable headband

It has started to become a trend that when I review equipment here on head-fi I give a small background regarding my audio experiences, in an effort to provide the reader of the material a better idea of my opinions to ultimately aid in objectifying such a subjective category of audio.  For those of you who have read my other reviews you may find this repetitive, but I still feel it is of importance to the quality of the review and for what the reader takes away from it.  So... here goes:   I am a young audio enthusiast who is relatively new to the headphone scene.  I may not have years of experience with headphones specifically as many of the other members of...
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An Excellent, Versatile Portable Headphone for $275 USD


Pros: Comfortable, detailed/clear highs and mids, deep low-bass, excellent for: orchestra, classical, jazz, vocals, and certain kinds of pop and rock music

Cons: Mid-bass could use a tad-bit more 'oomph' without using an EQ, slightly fatiguing, poorly recorded or mastered tracks sound bad, headband cracking

So, I received my Shure SRH940's on September 7, 2011. Yay!       This is my first time posting a major review of an audio product and it addresses many of the questions I had when I was searching for my next major headphone. I hope this review is useful to both newcomers and veterans of Head-Fi. I am still learning about all of the technical terms and details of how to describe a headphone's sound signature, but I will try my best to convey my thoughts.       Where did I purchase my SRH940's? Short: Headphones.com   Long: I bought the 940's from Headphones.com with a 15% off-discount for a total of $255 USD. I would personally like to thank...
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Shure SRH940 – My Headphone Kings


Pros: Great mostly balanced sound for recording, great package that includes all you need, removable cables, best “mids” I have heard out of any headphones

Cons: Not very portable, not the best isolation, no handle on box that encloses the cans and accessories, still bass-light (or too treble friendly ;-))

Introduction:   After a whole lot of browsing, reading, testing, etc., a couple of years ago I decided on getting new cans. This resulted in me acquiring the Shure SRH440s. At the time I had not listened to such type of headphones, meaning quite balanced with great mids providing a complete package that actually made you want to keep listening and enjoying music. (I.e. most headphones I had were cheap Koss or Sony’s, etc.) These cans opened up a new world for me. Yes I had good audio equipment, cheap but good sounding, for my home theater, “recording” room (I’m not a musician, it’s just a hobby to create some song snippets.), etc. but never thought much about headphones. It all...
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SRH 940 - Spectacular Detail, Amazing Warmth, But Unfortunately Not My Thing


Pros: Spectacular Clarity, Extended Highs, Warm and Smooth Mids, Excellent with Acoustic, Jazz and Female Vocals, Comfortable Pads, Great Accessories

Cons: Bass Very Much in Background, Headband Comfort, Build Quality Questionable

The SRH940 is Shure's top monitoring headphone, and the chance to step up from the SRH840 was one I wasn't going to miss.     Packaging And Accessories When I first got these, the first thing that hit me was the excellence of the packaging, and the completeness of the accessory package.   You get a nice carry case containing the SRH 940's, spare pads, 2 replaceable cables (straight and coiled) and a 3.5-6.3 mm adaptor.         Build / Comfort / Isolation The next thing I noticed was the "apparent" excellence of the build.  these look sturdy, and did look built to last.  They have a moderate clamp force, and feel quite stable...
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really a high-end headphone from Shure


Pros: sound quality better than other headphones of similar price range-around $300

Cons: terrible wearing design

I have HD600 and once had DT770(32OHM), DT880(600OHM) and D2000. Don't have too much money so I just have a cheap CD player, a cheap amp and a sound card(essence st) to support the headphones. I have listened to many high-end headphones in many places, including T1, psk, HD800 etc. And I think I know the actual sound quality of some famous headphones quite well. This Srh940 I first listened to it in a audio shop and the next day I decided to buy it, for HKD$1900, around US$250. I know I bought it in a lower price. This Srh940 suprise me as its overall sound quality is so great! Absolutely good listening with almost all kinds of music. The sound is...
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Sometimes Amazing


Pros: Treble, Detail, Vocals!

Cons: Not for bass fiends

I thought I'd give a brief review based on my experience with the SRH940 thus far. My other headphones are a set of Sennheiser HD280s (7+ years) I use with mobile devices and my laptop, and the Beyerdynamic DT770 (2005 ed.) I use with an inexpensive amp out of my Xonar sound card on the desktop. I've listened to a dozen or so other models, but I'll mostly limit this review to a comparison with the DT770; I have the most experience with them and they're in the same category as the Shures.   First, you'll notice my headphones are all closed design. Everyone has different needs, but for me headphones are about achieving the best non-speaker sound you can get along with (1)...
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Audio nirvana has been reached. Best in it's class


Pros: Highs, mids, lows, accuracy, sound stage, smoothness, build quality, accesories, everything

Cons: Some people find them uncomfortable

I was for the longest time skeptical on these. Following intently on the srh940 thread the reviews were varied. Some people just up and claimed them to suck and sound fake while others praised them. When i purchased these i was afraid the naysayers may be correct. I received them and they are so wrong. These are the best headphones i have ever heard. These are smooth, detailed, neutral, fun, and revealing in a way that doesn't ruin enjoyment. Build quality also feels top notch to me. Way better built then the srh840.     Durability/Design I prefer the color black for headphones but if there is anything to be said about the looks of these headphones it's that they look...
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Gives music an airy ethereal feeling; interesting alternate and distorted sound signature to add to your headphone collection


Pros: Detail. Accuracy. very bright (if you like that)

Cons: Headband a little uncomfortable. very bright (if you don't like that)

These headphones should be valued for providing an ultra-bright sound signature not offered by any other headphone that I'm aware of. Comparisons with the HD800: If you compare the 30hz and 300hz square wave measurements from the innerfidelity charts between these and the Sennheiser HD800, you'll see that the two are almost identical. I own the HD800s and this, and I can say that the SRH940s are much much closer to the HD800s than their prices would suggest. The HD800s handle bass and mids better, and their treble is a little smoother, and they have better spatial characteristics, but the two are close, with the SRH940 being brighter. More on their brightness: These are possibly the...
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These Headphones are Wicked


Pros: detailed, balanced, goodies, portability, isolation

Cons: short life expectancy, stupid sensitivity to ear positioning

Sound quality: I must say that I was quite disconcerted by the sound signature of these headphones when I tried them first. I was not completely happy with what I was hearing, and despite the fact I was impressed by some of the qualities of the headphone (very detailed), especially when using a good source like the Xonar Stx, I felt frustrated. The good news is that I noticed later, that the sound I get from the srh940 is quite sensitive to way I position the headphones, and most of my dissatisfaction was gone. The following diagram, is a perhaps a bit exaggerated. But the idea is to move away the ears from the center, and put them closer to the top of ear cup. I get a much...
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