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Good headset for basic user

A Review On: Shure SRH 550 DJ

Shure SRH 550 DJ

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Pros: If you looking for upgrade from your annoying in-ear or headset

Cons: All around headset bass is a litle weak, but equalizer will fix the issue.

From my POV,

I like this headset, I am using it to upgrade from my headset at work. due to sound isolation issue. This one doesn't isolate too much so that I can still know if some one really need to catch my attention.


Overall sound quality is good to me.

Highs are pretty crisp.

Mids are little muddy.

Lows are little low. (maybe the impedance of the driver or my small amp). Anyway, equalizer will fix it and the headset can  handle it.


I am not a professional user .... sorry for the lack of description.

1 Comment:

Dude, get yourself a FiiO E11 headphone amp ($60), and then you will hear no weaknesses from these, seriously, the FiiO E11 is clean neutral and accurate and drives these beautifully. I guarantee you there are no muddy mids, and the lows are bang-on, not to much, not to little, simply 'accurate'' bass, i promise you, plus I can easily guess that you are listening to MP3's or AAC or something like that, since those compressed formats combined with an average performing amp would certainly give you the impression that you have written about. These headphones are the bomb, they blow-away everything in their path. Cheers.
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