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Shure SRH 440 Professional Studio Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


A criminally overlooked option for semi-portable, closed back neutrality


Pros: Neutral balance, detailed, nice texture overall, nice tight, punchy bass, well extended treble for a closed set, good imaging, commendably transparent

Cons: Uncomfortable without slight modification, underwhelming bass extension, can seem somewhat bright, only average soundstage, isolation not stellar

Introduction   Like my DT880, and for almost as long, the SRH440 has been a trusty companion, in its case pulling double duty as my portable headphone and as my "plug-it-in-real-quick" set. Therefore it's only fair it gets a proper review as well.   Back in 2009, Shure released a new line of closed-back, full-sized headphones, which included the SRH240, SRH440, and SRH840. The latter two received a lot of interest, though the flagship (at the time) got the lion's share of that. Essentially, Shure had managed to achieve the impossible, which was to make a closed back headphone that actually sounded good and whose name didn't contain the letter M or the number 5. And...
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Negative Reviews


Too uncomfortable for me


Pros: Rugged

Cons: Painful to wear. Heavy

Bought these based on the good reviews. Tried and tried but they were just so uncomfortable i sold them. Way too much pressure on the ears, plus the headband never sat well either. Most uncomfortable cans i've ever tried on. Shame, as they sounded pretty good.    

More Reviews


Great sound and very comfortable


Pros: Good bass and high end response. Isolation is wonderful. Best for the price range

Cons: Headband pleather deteriorates easily, over driving can be extremely harsh.

I bought these headphones while on the road to a field record because I had left mine in a hotel room a few hundred miles away. These were the best a local music store carried and to my surprise they far exceeded my expectation.   I had been using SONY headphones almost exclusively up until I picked these up and although there is a small learning curve to the way they sound, I feel like they are some of the best headphones available when listening to single sound sources like just vocals or particularly in sound design. The isolation provided by wearing them is a remarkable step above most headphones I've used in this price range, providing comfortable isolation to outside sounds...
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Thymen Frederik

Nice headphone for beginning audiolovers


Pros: nice soundstage (for a closed headphone), well balanced, nice bass

Cons: earpads aren't very soft, sometimes a little too bright

Hello everyone,   First of all I would like to say that this is my first review of a headphone and I am also really new to audio-loving, but I'll try my best :D     Features: The Shure SRH 440 comes with a detachable 3 meter coiled cable, a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter and a carrying pouch.   Sound: I got these cans as a birthday gift and I really like them. They are well balanced, but lean a little to the bright side, which isn't always bad in this case. When I listened to the Mr. Nobody soundtrack I was able to hear a nice amount of detail and it sounded very bright. Sometimes even a little too bright. After listening to some music with a little more bass, I...
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Great studio headphones ( for the money )


Pros: Excellent mids, clear and crisp sound, great price

Cons: Not neutral sounding, somewhat uncomfortable.

First of all, I have bought these headphones exactly one week ago. I have upgraded to these from my Superlux 668b. I will do a review now, and update it after another couple of weeks worth testing.   Packaging:   Shure SRH440 headphones come in nicely built box. Inside you can find your warranty, information and safety sheet, leather carrying pouch ( I like it a lot ),3m coil cable and 6.5 mm adapter, and headphones.  There is nothing more to say about packaging , so I will now talk about some more important things.   First impressions:   When I took Shure SRH440 headphones out of the box,I was amazed at how good they felt in my hand ( when compared to...
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some of the best ones in this price range.


Pros: The sound is pretty balanced, everything is detailed.The sound quality is almost like the things you hear when not wearing headphones.

Cons: feels weak because of the little sideways swivel feature they added to it.

sound quality=great with more detail than the m50 and q40 i owned by a noticeable margin.(they still sound pretty good though considering the EQ settings they have by default. the srh840 pads give it a whole different sound.ill stick to the 440 pads because the pads seem to give all headphones their sound, some better some worse.   the srh440 is like a dt770 if you equalize the bass up 5db or so.   build=everything feels strong except the swivel function that is somewhat necessary.they should have extended the amount yo could turn the headphone horizontally, probably would have made it just a dollar more.   no batteries are needed, blocks out sounds at 25% volume,...
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Gem for the buck.


Pros: Smooth Mid / High, Good Bass response, Clarity Overall, Awesome Isolation.

Cons: Need to do little mod for Comfortable, Kinda Heavy, Bass may lack for some.

This Headphone have Very Good and Smooth Mid / High, Good Bass response.   Cold-side, Analytical, Overall Clarity made this Headphone Shine, Bass may lack on some track or Not enough for some people (I'm not a bass-fan for sure)   Also, have Awesome Isolation sound leak at Zero to Very minimal.     While sound good almost on all track, but never tend to sound awesome nor impress on me. (as expect from monitor)   Easy to drive with iPod, noticeable when plugged on amp.     What, really is Downside of this Headphone is Uncomfortable and Weight.   While Comfortable can easy fix by Place some Circle Under a Driver Guard, I use a Warped...
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Good headphone for the studio and only for the studio


Pros: Detailed, clear mids and highs. Accurate string instrument representation

Cons: Analytical, cold, very little bass, mids are forward but don't have depth.

See the review post here: http://www.pandatechreview.com/shure-srh-440-review/    

lasted 2 years and loved them


Pros: mids and the higgs

Cons: bass almost nonexistent

these were my first pro headphones and the left speaker just died 2 days ago i am very sad  i loved them

Good sounding neutralish headphone for the price, if you can get past a few build quirks


Pros: Close to neutral, energetic sound, exceptional clarity, value

Cons: Average comfort, creaky build quality, grainy, small soundstage, bass roll-off

The SRH440 was the first $100+ full-sized headphone that I ever owned, back before I joined Head-Fi. I was looking for an affordable, closed monitoring headphone for home studio use, and I found the SRH440 and SRH840, which had just recently come out, to be more engaging/exciting sounding compared to the studio standard, the Sony MDR-7506, while still maintaining relative neutrality. Another studio staple, the once Head-Fi favourite Audio-Technica M50, sounded slightly better but cost over 50% more. The SRH840, which sounded even better, cost twice as much, so I ended up buying the SRH440.   Build quality and comfort   Build quality feels decent in the hand, if a bit hollow...
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I would say pretty damn good


Pros: Great Mids/Bass/Highs

Cons: Very Very long burn-in

I own an m-audio Fast-Track USB Sound card which I use. I bought both these headphones & the sound card for work. My initial reaction to the headphones is they were cheaper than some of the others, but better sound and comfort than the other DJ style headphones. Plus they fit my budget, so I picked them up at the Guitar Center. So after using these guys at work for almost 2.5 years, after not listening to them for a month or so, what I noticed finally is that they have completed the burn-in process. The music, especially the mids/base finally feel like they have smoothed out and not as punchy as before. When i compare the base with these vs my HD600's, they are starting to finally...
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Pros: Great sound quality, Rugged

Cons: Bit uncomfortable, exposed wires

The mids and highs are amazing. The soundstage isn't very wide but it's pretty good for closed back headphones. The response is almost flat with a bit of a "bright" sound signature. They get uncomfortable after about 30 minutes of listening. The sound quality is great. You can clearly hear each instrument separately. These sound absolutely great for closed back headphones.
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